DJ Rad...

We listen to the same radio station every single morning on the way to school - family friendly content, a fun "birthday bullseye" game and songs that don't make me have to explain anatomy before 8am. Winning all around. Every summer they host "Peace Pals" and have local kids as guest DJs once a week so I submitted Radley's name and told a little about him and he was selected!

We arrived at the station bright and early and we all decided that summer should last forever because rushing out of the house 10 minutes before we need to be somewhere is no fun!

As usual they all decided that the elevator was super cool and their favorite part. Why do we ever bring them places that cost money? 

This was the part that I told him to use his manners, take deep breaths and don't be nervous.

"Mom, I'm not nervous - it's fine!"

The girls were all star little sisters in the waiting area and were SOOOOOOOO stinking proud of their big brother. He did a FANTASTIC job and we were all smiling!

I got tons of text messages from family listening online, friends in town and of course Ryan cheering him on - sometimes technology is the coolest. Jody was even listening all the way out in California! Radley even got a caller off air wanting to hear more about his travels and to tell him that he was very well spoken and polite. 

We all got a kick out of meeting Brian and Cat in real life - the girls couldn't believe these are the people we hear on the radio and they both asked when they got a turn.

Maybe one of them will go on to be the next big voice in radio!

I have been trying for the last hour to upload the sound bites and seriously can't figure it out. I am the worst. Technology is the worst. Unless you are an uncle living in California listening to your nephew in CS... then it's pretty cool. 

Stay tuned... I'll keep trying!

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