Emmy Richie Rich...

We had a big item to check off the to do list on Monday that took Emersyn (and Clarabell) to the bank. We decided that when the kids turn seven we would officially open their savings account and Emmy could not wait! She had been asking about the big day for weeks and finally the day arrived!

She was clearly ready.

I'm pretty sure her favorite part was all the peppermints she got to eat while she waited for the paperwork to be signed. She also thought she was hot stuff because she knew Mr. Joel.

As we were finishing up all the paperwork she asked me if this meant she was rich. I told her that I wish that was true but she ignored me and wanted us to call her Emmy Richie Rich. 

She also wanted to know what the plan was to keep adding money (ehm, I told her she needed to ask Gigi and Pops.)

I love these milestones because it eases them into growing up. It shows them that we are there for every big and little step as they start to discover what's next and hopefully they'll keep inviting us along to watch!

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