I've got a lot of catching up to do. Turns out we summer really well around here, meaning we do a whole lot of staying up late, sleeping in and laying around. We have random adventures and I forget to post because I'm too busy catching up on OITNB on Netflix and reading books. Oh summer, why must you ever leave! 

So here's a little snap shot of our daily fairy tale... 

Emmy's invites and thank you notes turned out SO DARN CUTE! Jumping Jax Designs never disappoints. I am so impressed with Emmy's handwriting - those enrichment classes really helped!

I'm a big fan of some red, white and blue so we were looking our most patriotic for some #Sundaysweetness.... 

I snuck away for a couple of hours of girl time and the most fun coffee/wine bar that opened on the "south" side of town!

Also, I am OBSESSED with this tank top. I wear it at least once/week. I may go buy three more. 

I'm also obsessed with reading all day in my bed, listening to the kids play in the living room and praying that the kittens won't be scarred for life. This particular day they were building all kinds of cat forts. 

Summer hasn't officially started until we get in at least one round of making backpack bags with Holly and her crew. Pro tip: find friends that aren't just passionate about serving but make the time to include you, too. I have loved these mornings and it's so encouraging to find other ways to give back!

The kids' school (ALL THREE!!) is partnering with a restaurant that is opening in town to provide artwork that is available to purchase. We had a paint night at the school and had so much fun hanging out with friends and being creative!

We really missed the Munsons so the kids wanted to make a welcome home banner! TWO WEEKS without the besties felt like forever!

(Ps. Landry is wearing shorts in this picture).

We got to hand with the Acostas at First Friday...

where this guy felt extra cool and also seemed extra big with those littles. He was super helpful with Alex and reminded me that he is growing up much faster than I'd like to admit!

This was them watching belly dancers - they were obsessed and Jen and I may have been trying to figure out just how they make their stomachs do that. Seriously, impossible to me.

The kittens clearly needed decorations. 

I needed time with the Camp King co-chairs.

Cindy celebrated a milestone birthday in style at the lake! How stinking cute  is the hat Anna found for her at Claire's?

The unicorn float may have gotten away and Cindy may have told these guys she'd feed them pizza if they paddled out and got it back. 


Those Lake Bryan sunsets... 

The birthday celebrations continued on Friday with Anna! She had the most fun paint party with 13 of her friends and ...


Ha! Everyone was out of town so he got to hang with us - don't feel sorry for him though. He got two hours of uninterrupted iPad time and was in heaven!

We split the crew into bigs and littles after the party and I don't think I will ever quit loving the squeals when they hear that they get bestie time. God is really awesome... Cindy and I didn't plan to have kids stacked like we do - we just kept showing up pregnant for six straight years... and He took care of the rest! ;)

As we were leaving the Munson's this happened... 

and it turns out the tooth fairy finds you at your besties, too!

And that's us in an instant!! 

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