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Welcome back to Royally Waiting... the day of the week where Holly, Shelly and I share the "what's been happening" of our daily lives. Also known as you getting a glimpse of how boring I am. This week is short and sweet... summer has kept us busy doing all the things and I have forgotten to capture just about all of it. My children are currently staying up much to late (again) and my eyes are quickly closing so here we go... 


This amazing friend of mine celebrated a milestone birthday so we headed to the lake for some beers with the besties! I love our story of friendship, the daily crazy that we share and the next 40+ years of fun we will have!

The Munson celebration continued with Annaliese! She had a paint party with thirteen girls so I stayed to assist Cindy and Josh manage the crazy.

All of Rad's friends were out of town or busy with family so he got to tag along. HAHAHA - he was clearly welcomed to paint but 2 hours of uninterrupted time on his ipad won. 

We headed back to the lake for Anna's actual birthday and as sad as I get thinking about them growing up, I also did not have to get in the water unless I WANTED to so score one for old(er) kids!

Age order no longer = height order!



Emersyn FINALLY pulled that super loose top tooth. And looks like she aged 12 years. 


My face with left over carnitas migas. ALL the freaking yummy in the world ever. The end.


To return to this little slice of heaven this weekend for a girls weekend at the lake! 

As always - would love you to link up and share what you're waiting on! 

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