Friday Favorites: Time with Besties....

Summers were made to be simple. I feel like nowadays we have to force the simple - turn our head from all the distractions and focus on just being. As much fun as we have going to new places and seeing new things, my favorite times are the ones we spend at home. We've gotten lots of quality time with the besties the past couple of weeks and my kids have never been happier. 

Caro spent the night with us after Anna's birthday party and she just couldn't quit snuggling those kitties. "Zia, I think I get my love for cats from you."


The following morning, Cindy and I headed to the lake for a birthday party and Ryan kept the bigs so they could finish Harry Potter and go swimming. Well, Texas had other plans and it rained which really just gave them an excuse to dance... 

And them an excuse to go to the movies, eat candy and drink soda. 

Is it just me or do they look seventeen?

The celebration continued at Spoons at our first attempt to get these girls some new holes in their ears. We still managed to get some froyo and Emmy gave Anna her custom gift with an invite to a "gal"lery day at our house. 

Monday brought us to the lake for Anna's actual birthday....

Tuesday brought Josh to jury duty which meant I got to hang with this crew + Rad while Caroline was at a friends (I know - they have OTHER friends). (Sometimes I feel like a FRIENDS episode when all 6 are sitting in Monica's apartment and someone knocks at the door and they're all "but we're all here... do you know other people?" That's us and the Munsons.) 

They made a killing at their lemonade/cookie/custom art stand and then moved the fun inside for some building... 

and napping. 

We finally succeeded at getting their ears pierced...which concluded their WEEK LONG stint of seeing each other every single day. 

We didn't do anything major - just spent some simple days loving on our friends. But you know what? When they look back at the summers of their childhood, I hope they see long afternoons at the pool followed by short naps wrapped in towels. I hope they sing every word to their favorite song. I hope they smell sunscreen.

I hope the days spent from driving ALLLL the way to the north of town from the south to hang with besties, eating endless pb&js, watching late night movies followed by sugary cereal for breakfast bring smiles to their faces and remind them that sometimes, most times, the best things in life are the smallest.

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