Getting Moody...

 Last summer we purchased season passes to Moody Gardens and I think that I can confidently say that we got our money's worth! They just finished a $32 million dollar renovation on their aquarium pyramid so we took a quick day trip down to Galveston for one last visit. 

The space is so bright and open now and they added a ton of interactive amenities which made the visit even more fun for the kids. 

I'm pretty sure we could all sit in front of the sea lions for hours.

They expanded the shark viewing tunnels and have diver demonstrations which was pretty cool to watch. Radley could name every shark he saw and almost every fish - he really still wants to be a marine biologist - who knows, maybe he'll be the next Jacque Cousteau. 

"Mom - look! We should pose with people!"

The settled for posing with the penguins instead. 

The Discovery Pyramid currently has a DaVinci exhibit and we were all so amazed. In my head I knew that he was super smart, invented a lot of thing and also painted. But y'all - when you actually SEE all the things he invented you can't even wrap your brain around it. 

And these tiny paintings and works of art? I mean - I don't even know where he found the time?!?! Clearly there were not social media distractions. 


We ended our day at Palm Beach - the tiny water park at MG where we discovered that our passes actually expired the DAY BEFORE. Luckily, the employee was extremely accommodating and let us in! If you're thinking about season passes somewhere, I say go for it! For us, the price is cheaper and it encouraged us to go do something fun!

ps. These sinks win the award for best ever. Far left - soap. Middle - water. Far right - HAND DRYER. IN THE SINK! So you're not getting water everywhere. That alone may have been worth the money. 

Happy summering!

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