Fun on the 4th of July...

We headed north to celebrate July 4th this year - we trade back and forth between hosting and attending and since we hadn't seen Pops post surgery we allllll wanted to go to Waco. (Plus Gigi makes the best beans and potato salad around.) I was in charge of ZERO things which was also awesome. Landry did help me prep my world famous BBQ bread though - I seriously probably ate an entire loaf by myself. 

But that's okay because I also prepared a Whole30 potato salad myself and let me tell you - THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING SIDE EVER. Like for reals. I had brainstormed this recipe in my head but once we all tasted it, I was immediately convinced that I should have my own show on the Food Network.

Clearly we can't have a holiday without taking 1 or 183 pictures. So after lunch, I hauled them out under the pecan tree to snap just a few photos... 

The girls would officially like to announce their candidacy - Emmy and Landry 2052!

Isn't it funny how you can tell that your children are fake smiling? That is not Rad's real smile at all - it's cute and makes a great picture, but I ain't falling for it, buddy!

And then we went full on photo shoot... 

he wasn't as amused... 

and she doesn't really love to share the spotlight.

Can you tell?

We5Kings love a good color coordination. 

The entertainment for the day was a combination of watching a Momma bird bring food to her babies and these lizards. I think they must have had 103 in their yard (or the same two just kept running around). At one point this GINORMOUS lizard was RUNNING on his hind legs through their yard. It was crazy and also awesome. 

Pops is doing great and has his follow-up appointment tomorrow! Will update as soon as we hear from the doctor. And yes, he missed the RWB memo but feels that LSU gear is appropriate for any occasion. 

We stopped by Jenni's for a while so the kids could play and swim and fill themselves with more sugar. I love these gals - leaving home gets harder and harder when I see my kids love to play with their kids. 

I mean, talk about red, white and CUTE!

We couldn't pass up the chance to snap a picture with this amazing mural in Calvert.

And Rad even managed to snag a good one of me and Ryan.

We made it home in time to put leftovers in the fridge, go potty and fill the cooler for the fireworks show before going to meet Holly and Shelly's crews. I don't know why but for some reason I wanted to wear my overalls. Y'all - these things go back 20+ years. 

And I'm clearly still rocking them!!


(They are so much more snug than I remember.)

#morepotatosaladplease #andthebread

We surely had a fourth to remember. God Bless!

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