Here's a look at our week from my phone's view...

We started our week celebrating one of our very favorite's birthdays! I don't know if you can ever find two besties more precious than these two!

We shook off our case of the Monday's by kicking off Red Ribbon Week ... and I'm pretty proud that we managed to celebrate (and take a picture) the theme every day!

Some of my best parenting choices have been made by watching someone else. I'm in constant awe of the ways my village loves on their kids. Whether it's encouraging talent, creating space to say "yes" to crazy ideas or finding time to hang out with them as individuals. I take my cues from loving, committed parents doing their best to raise a generation of humans that are going to change the narrative of the world we live in.

Cindy and Josh have been doing this for a year (or more!)... and I love hearing about how their girls spend their extra 15 minutes each week. We started this a little over a month ago and our kids' special nights coincide with their activities. Emmy gets her extra time on art days, Rad on his Wednesday soccer days and Landry on her gymnastics day. On this particular Tuesday, besides the extra 15 minutes, Emmy was so excited that I used her recent artwork in our fall mantle decorations. :)

We are on a pick up sticks KICK around here. Seriously, I can't count the hours they have spent playing this game. I'm thinking that we may need to order this for Christmas. This game got a little crazy when I flipped the yellow stick and it landed perfectly in Landry's hair! I'm still laughing!

Gigi came to town on Thursday so she could watch the Book Character Parade on Friday morning... we got to watch Landry at gymnastics and instead of asking the girls where they wanted to eat dinner, we headed to our favorite spot to share bread, pasta, wine and dessert! We had the perfect girls night out!

On Saturday morning, we woke up to the most amazing sunrise. Landry was walking past our front door and said, "Oh, Mommy!! Look at the sky!" Good morning, indeed!

And then Christmas came early at the King's house...

but I'll save that for another post...

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