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The time had finally arrived for Radley and me to head out on our big trip! We were up dark and early on Saturday morning (4AM) to catch our flight to Orlando. This kid could not stop smiling and I was just as excited to spend time with him. At some point I realized that this may be the longest time we have spent together just the two of us since Emersyn was born - maybe even longer. I try to take as much one on one time as I can with the kiddos but three days of just us is hard to come by.

Perks of flying as a kid...I thought about trying the same thing but I doubt the man next to me would have loved my head in his lap. ;)

We didn't have a solid plan for Saturday because I knew that we'd be up early and also had a LONG day planned on Sunday. We talked a little on the plane about things he wanted to do but he mostly just wanted to gaze out the window, read his book, and listen to music. He may be the best travel partner ever.

We grabbed our rental car at the airport and I'm not sure how Ryan managed it, but we were given a brand spanking new BROWN Infiniti. And yes, it was as ugly as it sounds, but Radley's FAVORITE color is brown so he was so excited and could not get over that the car only had 13 miles total on it.  We plugged in our destination and he lead us to our hotel. He was an AWESOME navigator and only got one little thing mixed up but in his defense it was pretty confusing and he's 10. Our rooms weren't quite ready but we were both starving so we grabbed lunch and made plans for the day. First item on the agenda: naps. Ha! 

And then the fun began because with all that new energy we were ready to check out Wonderworks

As we were waiting in a line a woman already inside asked if it was just the two of us; when I replied yes, she handed us a voucher for one ticket. I mean, how awesome was that!? Definitely a sign that this weekend was going to be as awesome as we hoped. 

This place was just FULL of fun. Awesome science experiments, cool exhibits, crazy discoveries. Everywhere we turned we saw something fun to try.

We played for about three hours and managed to do everything twice - and I even splurged and bought these awesome pictures because, obviously.

We headed to Disney Springs for dinner and were on the hunt for some seafood. We landed at the Boathouse and were not disappointed. I think we would have been happy eating nothing but their fresh rolls. But honestly, the best part about dinner was just hanging out with him. We say outside on the water and watched a rainstorm roll in. We talked about what he was excited about for the next day but we also talked about life as a 10 year old kid. 

Then we lived life as a 10 year old kid and headed to the Lego store.

He wanted to take these home.

We grabbed some dessert, walked around and then headed back to the hotel because the next day was going to be long. Awesome, but long. We were ready to rest up for the fun that was yet to come!

Travel with your kids. Be silly. Let them have fizzy drinks and fancy desserts. Listen to them talk. Ask them big questions. Let them play navigator and don't stress when you get lost. (It's just part of the adventure). Don't just watch them have fun - fun in. Wander. Oh, and try not to cry when he grabs your hand on the walk home.

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