Once upon a time I blogged at the end of every day. I carefully documented our mornings, afternoons and evenings. I made up cutesy post titles and skipped more days between washing my hair than writing a blog post. 

I miss having all that time to write, but this season of life is filled with less babies and more big kids. Those big kids do things like read books and tell stories and request that I check homework or help them with projects. I would love nothing more to write and tell stories and create sentences with my words that make meaning for others... but for now I will relish the time in between the tender and the tired and live the life that otherwise I'd simply write about. 

So with that... here are random pictures from the last two weeks or so telling a tiny bit of our great big lives!

We met with our favorite photog/friend to snap some fall pictures. I am the least sure that I've ever been about how these clothes will actually mesh together... 

but I'm 100% sure that I am in love with the models!

Don't tell Radley I posted this one!

Kindergarten is full of "family projects" and this pumpkin is always a fav. We used the advanced "tissue paper" technique. Landry cut out half of these squares and glued 100% of them down!

Our CAMP teachers are fantastic about documenting days and lessons with each grade. Kinder was learning about quarter notes and a familiar face popped up on my feed!

This is how Emmy does Landry's gymnastics class. Some weeks she's practicing spelling words and some weeks she's leading the younger siblings on a journey. Either way, she makes sure to take plenty of breaks to cheer on her sister!

Radley and I took a quick trip to Florida last weekend...

You could say that we were in Hogwarts Heaven.


Favorite shirt...

favorite treat...

favorite bathroom sign...

favorite 10 year old!

We had an awesome welcome crew that were all pretty pumped about their souvenirs! 

I was pretty pumped about the one I bought myself, too!

And that's us in an instant!

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