First Communion...

Emersyn got to experience a major first in her journey through the Catholic faith last weekend. After months of preparation and prayer, the time for her first communion had finally arrived. I was so proud of how well prepared she was for this sacred step in our faith. 

When people meet Emersyn, they are instantly struck by her beauty. That long hair and those deep brown eyes just pull people in; however, the beauty that lies within her far outshines any beauty she projects without.  She is whole heartedly kind. She sacrifices. She cares deeply. She sacrifices and puts herself last...especially for her baby sister. She works hard. And most importantly, she loves God.

They hold a complete dress rehearsal before the big day and I loved watching her silently prepare for what she was about to do - she gets really shy and serious... she deflects the attention at the biggest moments almost frightened that she may disappoint someone because she so badly wants to make others proud. In these moments is when we talk about Christ's love for all of us. How we have already gotten the only approval we ever need in Him. How even through the times we disappoint through actions and words, His grace was ours long ago. 

In the biggest of moments when most people want to be seen...she looks straight ahead... focusing on what matters. 

But no matter how hard she tries to blend in.... this sweet child of mine was absolutely born to stand out. ;) 


I love that she got to experience this big first with one of her first friends. Caleb has been in her life since she was a baby and I'm so proud of the big kids that they have become. 

The big day finally arrived and we were up and ready to celebrate with her early enough for some pre-church pictures. 

Of course Gigi and Pops were there...

we were all ready to walk right next to her in this next big step...

and she was ready, too!

I love that the first time she walked down the aisle in a beautiful white dress was to receive Him. I love that she knows what it feels like to be excited and nervous while trying to prepare for an important day that focuses on being closer to Him. I love that she wanted a little blush on her cheeks and curl in her hair. I love that she picked out high heels. I love that all of this time and energy was spent preparing for Him. Because in preparing to receive Him and recognize Him in what we do, we are then prepared to live a life that honors Him before any others. So when the time comes for her to walk down that aisle in another white dress, her foundation has been set. 

Catholicism is a mystery to most non-Catholics. We sit and stand and kneel in unison. Our songs of praise are more traditional and we seem to say the same things every week. But the reverence and respect that is intertwined in mass is beautifully holy. The same words have been spoken for 1000s of years. The same actions taken. Over and over again. 

I'm so honored to share this with them. 

If we do one thing in this journey of parenting, our hope is that we teach each of them how precious and holy His sacrifice is for us. 

And we are so lucky and grateful for the village that supports and shares in our journey of teaching the story of Christ to our kiddos. 

Regardless of where they go to church or how they choose to worship, our village is one unit in teaching Christ's story and showing His love. And that is most precious gift of all. 

I am so proud of this sacred first in her journey and I am eager to see all the firsts that are yet to come. 

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