Swim Mom...

Soccer mom.
Dance mom.
Art mom. 
Basketball mom.
Gymnastics mom.

and now...


Radley has finally ventured beyond the field and dove head first into a new sport and we are all loving the change of pace! His biggest cheerleaders have quickly adapted to their new role and can be heard shouting "KICK KICK KICK" and "STAY STRAIGHT" on the sidelines of that pool.

And y'all... Ryan may be loving this the most! I'm honestly here for any sport that allows me the opportunity to sit next to a pool... especially if the choice is between that and being IN the pool. I went to his practice the other day and nearly died just watching.... they swim NONstop. Like hundreds of yards. Back and forth... back and forth... back and forth. Feet never touching the ground. 

Y'all. Just no. 

He's already got a sweet crew of friends and support showing him the ropes and cheering him on and his sisters are there every literal step of the way. Hopefully next summer they will be joining him on this team because beyond the competition, this is fantastic exercise! 

(See the practice reflection above). 

So here's to a new adjective to add to the list of "mom"... my favorite and most treasured title of all!

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