Teacher Appreciation Round Up...

In the 10 years that we've had kids in "school", we've had probably close to 100 teachers. Maybe not that many, but y'all... close. And of those teachers, I can't think of one that I have not been grateful for. These educators have wiped noses, cleaned hands, kissed boo boos, changed diapers, and patted backs until they fell soundly asleep at naptime. 


The real work begins when they start learning letters and writing, and reading and math... y'all... and my kids have teachers that do this in TWO LANGUAGES!

Clearly they need #alltheteacherappreciation

But y'all. It's May. And we are tired. And losing our mind. And feeding our children cereal for dinner. We are waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel to shine through but we really really really want to show our gratitude to these amazing women (and men) that literally care for our children more hours during the week than we maybe do. 

So here's a collection of some random tags I've made through the years that may help you a little this week! 

NOTE: I have no idea how to upload these to any fancy place that you download the image onto your computer. I simply click, right click and then save. And then I choose print and our printer lets us choose how many/page we want and automatically resizes them... so hopefully some work. If not, well... #mommatried.

We make a pretty mean banana bread around here so I just tape this tag to the parchment paper I wrap the loaves in!

I filled water bottles with smarties and voila! 
(I actually think I made this for an end-of-year gift, so look... YOU ARE NOW AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!)

We did cute little monogrammed cups for preschool teachers... 

Who doesn't love popcorn? You could give them microwave popcorn, packages of skinny pop, custom popcorn from a local popcorn place... so many easy options!

Cute tag for a cute tote bag!

We got teachers tons of glue sticks one year because they were running low.... 

This year I grabbed some fun face masks and tied this little cutie to them and done!

Hope this helps! If you're looking for more cute ideas and some free darling tags to go with them (that are made by a professional) then check out Jumping Jax Designs!

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