The King of all challenges...

So remember this post??

I'm sure that you've all been waiting with bated breath to discover the answer to this mind boggling puzzle...

Well, the King and I decided that we have been spending entirely too much money eating out. A Sonic happy hour here, a donut there, a 32 oz steak (what can I say, Radley can put it away!) later... it all adds up! We have committed to not eating out for 30 days. This means no restaurants, no drinks, no fast food, not even popcorn if we venture out to the movies. Now, while this is not the craziest thing that one family can do, it will take some planning on all of our parts.

Ryan doesn't always like to pack a lunch because as you know, it's pretty hot here in Texas. Well multiply that heat by 10000 and that's what it feels like inside the UPS truck. Throw a lunch bag in there complete with a PB&J and you have one nasty sad little sandwich for lunch. YUCK!

He won't have the luxury of stopping at a convenient store for some tasty treats like corn nuts, chips, or even a drink for the next 30 days. Poor guy.

But it's not just Ryan that will do without... I love a Sonic happy hour. L-O-V-E it. All that fountainy goodness for half the price!?!?! I miss it already. And a sweet tea?!? EVERY fast food chain has sweet tea now... and for good reason. Heaven on earth, I tell ya!

And I won't lie that we had gotten into a Shipley's habit.

And maybe we went to Dairy Queen a lot this summer... but it's celebrating 25 years, so we were just supporting a good cause.

And well, McDonald's did have dollar drinks all summer.


We are currently seeking counseling to handle the withdrawal symptoms.

I'm excited to see how much we will be able to save. Emersyn begins daycare in November which will put a kink in our "savings" plan for a few years. I'm also excited to see if my waistline shrinks any while my bank account grows... wouldn't that be lovely!?!

And who knows... maybe this will be easy and we will wonder why we hadn't done this before. Maybe it will be the jump start to a healthier life. Maybe I don't need things like Gulf Coast Shrimp...

and the Pilgrims did without unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks... so can I!

We've already made it to day 3 (we started on Wednesday)... only 27 more to go!

I may need some encouragement over the next month, so feel free to send me FB messages, texts or leave your comments with encouraging words!

Here's to a life free of bussed tables, unlimited refills and to go boxes...


  1. It sounds to me like a menu plan will be your best friend. Once you have it all planned out it will be so much easier to execute - and include snacks in the plan. I'm sure you could make your own limeades in your blender. Surely a bag of Sonic Ice doesn't count on the "no" list - it's ice.... it's not food..... right??? Hang in there - you can definitely rock this!

  2. Hey - Wanna go to Sonic later? Just kidding! We support you and will try not to ask y'all to meet us at Chicken Express!