A few of my favorite Christmas things...

So I was going to do this long detailed post on each decoration in our house. And then I thought about and realized that while you are constantly checking for my updated blog posts, even you, loyal readers (aka Mom) would get bored with that.

Instead, a little highlight of the things that bring me JOY this season...

My skinny Christmas tree. I got him for $15 at a Hobby Lobby after Christmas sell in college and still adore him. (Yes, it's a boy... only boys stay that skinny year after year).

I also love that this is in our family room/kitchen so I can see it all the time. AND I love that the presents that go under this tree are presents that don't stay in this house. Meaning they are the gifts that I give to friends/co-workers/church, etc... Organization!
Our advent wreath. I love this because we made it as a family last year. Radley helped pick out the greenery. Ryan affixed the candles, and then I put it together. We light it each Sunday of advent to remind us of the real reason we celebrate.

The mini trees in the kids' rooms. Radley also picked these out this year and was very excited when they arrived in their respective rooms.

I mean who doesn't need a pink tree?

Our mantle!! I think it is just perfect (and maybe a little off center).

What you see here is a result of some major retail therapy. Remember when I wanted to cancel the whole thing, well the little items below and the fact that when I put them up there it all came together nicely made me realize that we have to have Christmas.

And thank heavens, because I didn't want to have to go down to Whoville and steal the last Who-ham.
This little man. This is Alfie. Elf on a Shelf. And while I realize he symbolizes everything that is commercialized about this holiday, he also makes Radley happy by hopping from place to place after he visits the North Pole each night.

And he makes Mommy and Daddy happy since Radley thinks he is telling Santa every tiny detail of the day. Fits. Tantrums. Everything.

Manger scenes (yes, we have more than one).

This is on the table as you walk into our front door. The one from when I was a little girl is now in Radley's room and we are on the hunt for the perfect one for Emersyn's room.

We follow the church and keep baby Jesus out of the manger scenes until after midnight mass since that is his birthday. (Unless his is part of Mary as seen below)

We also don't put the wise men into the mix until after Epiphany since they didn't arrive until later. I loved moving the wise men a little closer each day and we all loved racing home from church to find all the baby Jesus' mom had hidden to place him in the manger.

Sweet memories.
The TREE!!!

Isn't she precious!?!? This is one is our "red, white and green" tree. We also have a gold and maroon tree, but I forgot to take pictures and I'm too tired to go do it now. :) After some rearranging, we finally got each little ornament in his place.

This is where we will open presents on Christmas morning. This is where we make fun memories and take silly pictures and share a fun day as a family. My heart is warmed just thinking about it!

This year we got letters for each of us...

How I love seeing this little "E"...

And look at these sweet gifts... don't they just look perfect?!!?

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