I feel like babies are everywhere around me and I love it! Last week I got to co-host a shower for Amber and baby Jillian (see bump).

Amber and I work together and she has become a great friend over the past several years and I can't wait to see her become a mommy!

I love to throw a party of any kind. I love everything about it from the planning, coordinating, and organizing to the decorating, cooking and hosting. (refer to this post by the Hot Mess Momma since we are pretty much the same person).

And it helps when you are co-hosting with someone who is on the same page as you so thanks, Meredith!
One of the many great things about working on campus is that you create a family with your colleagues and students. We were able to host the shower at the Vice President for Student Affairs' home (he and his wife live on campus) which is convenient and pretty awesome!

Meredith and I were so glad to be able to throw this shower for Amber, Julian and Jillian and Amber was G-I-D-D-Y with excitement!

Welcome Baby Jillian...

Look at what is waiting for you...

Meredith made all the paper decorations including these adorable cupcake toppers!

Special notes to the future parents...

And of course games! Leakyn won!!

Allison did not. :(
Amber, I mean it... you can hand this outfit "up" to Emmy...really.... we don't mind!

Mom and Dad... you're going to need a lot more diapers than this! :)

We love you tons and we are so glad that we could help celebrate Jillian's arrival!!

Some "wisdom" to the parents to be...

1. Take advice when you want to and disregard it when you don't! :)
2. You can never hold her too much or too long!
3. Do what works for YOU!
4. To love her, you must first love each other.
5. Eat. Play. Sleep.
6. Swaddle.
7. Don't compare her to other little ones or you to other parents. (see #3)
8. She will change your life before you know it... in fact she already has.
9. You can't imagine that your heart will be able to contain the joy, peace and love that she will bring to you.
10. She is one tiny miracle, so give thanks each and every day for her.

We love you, guys!! Congratulations... can't wait to meet her!

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