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Merry Christmas!!

What’s that? You’re shocked that you are receiving this letter so close to Christmas? Oh… you thought that I wrote these things in August? Well, we all know that I would love to have that much control, but given recent happenings, let’s just say that life doesn’t always work that way! ;)

As I was preparing to write this year’s letter, I do what all good writers do and researched. And by research I read my previous 4 letters and reflected on how our lives have changed in that short little flash of time. Ryan and I have quickly gone from a family of 2 to 4 in less than 5 years! Sometimes I can’t contain the joy that I feel to be blessed as much as we have! I also realized that last year’s letter may have been my favorite as it was grounded in the words that each of us should strive to live by each day. So, my friends, we will once again highlight our year according to His word…

Isaiah 9:6; For unto us a child is born… Estelle Emersyn King arrived on June 7 and brought delight and happiness with her! From that first tiny moment at 10:15am to the moment that I type this letter, she has been pure joy! Radley is simply smitten and has been such a wonderful big brother. I am so proud at his patience and understanding. He is quick to “protect” her and comfort her; he teaches her about cars and trains and tells her “It’s ok, baby sister” when she cries. They “play” together and each one of them lights up when the other is around. Anyone can make Emmy smile, but to see her watch Radley is to watch a little girl enamored with her big brother! She is such content baby and we are very thankful for that. She is right on track, growing each day, loving to chew things, eat things, roll over and sit up! She is definitely Daddy’s girl… to hear Ryan call her “sweetheart” just gets me every time. She is his mini-me and I love it! She is calm and patient as if she is just watching us all live our crazy lives and trying to discover how she fits in when she simply fits in each of our hearts as much as our arms.

Radley is 100% my child! He is as sensitive as he is strong. He never stops talking or asking questions. He negotiates like a CIA operative and he is too smart for his own good! He knows all his letters and numbers. He is recognizing words and can write his own name! I know everyone thinks they have a smart kid – but he REALLY is! J Oh my heart just swells with happiness as I think of these two precious gifts. These happy, healthy, amazing children! What did we do to deserve such wonderful blessings!?!? This season of life is a blessed season indeed and I am filled with gratitude!

Speaking of seasons, Kevin Bacon Ecclesiastes 3 so eloquently states that to everything there is a season… a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance and I feel that this year we have experienced seasons that lift us up as well as seasons that challenge us. I can’t count the number of smiles that Radley brings to our lives (or the number of tears a 3 year old can shed)! We have celebrated weddings, babies, jobs, new homes and promotions with friends and stood by as people mourn their loved ones. We have surely laughed through tears at anything you can imagine and in that grown as a family. We have been the rock for friends and family as much as we have counted on them to support our steps. We have lifted Him up but we have also questioned His ways, but I know that in all of these seasons we have continued in our faith that He guide us, comfort us, protect and keep us.

Yes, the seasons of life are ever changing and shape our lives in ways that we could never imagine. I, admittedly, could be much better at letting scripture guide me. I remember my Grandmother could recite a passage for any given moment and I loved that about her! I was lying awake in bed last week and couldn’t sleep for all the thoughts running through my head…Was I going to get it all done? I can’t believe the card isn’t finished! I need to wrap gifts! These next few days are just going to be awful!! And then… this popped in my head… This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24)!

You can’t put it much more plainly than that! May you each REJOICE in each day that He brings to you! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and many blessings to each of your seasons!

Ryan, Katy, Radley and Emersyn

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