Tiny Tales Thursday...

Having a three year old you talk a lot about a few things.

One thing we talk a lot about is "families". Who is in our family. What is a family. Being a family, etc. Radley was very concerned that so many of our Christmas decorations were in "3s".. "Emmy not have a Christmas tree, Mommy?" So when we found a snowman family of 4 we snatched it up.

Another thing we talk A LOT about is poop. Do you need to poop? Did you go poop? When did you go poop? How much did you poop? Poop. Poop. POOP.

The other day Ryan got the opportunity to experience what happens when the two subjects are combined.

Radley: I need to go potty.
Ryan: Okay, let's go.
Radley: Get out, Daddy, it's going to stink.
Ryan: Ok.
a few minutes pass for Rad to do his business
Radley: I'm done, Dad.
Ryan walks back in to see Radley examining his, ehm, deposit. Apparently there were a few...
Radley: LOOK, Daddy!!! It's a family of little poopies!!!

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