Santa's Wonderland...

This weekend we got to visit a magical place...

And this guy was super excited!!!

This little girl was, too... she is just REALLY good at containing all the energy! :)

Santa's Wonderland is an endless park of Christmas lights. It's in South College Station off Highway 6 and you can load up your car and drive through to see all the lights. You can also walk through "Santa's Town", meet the Big Guy, go on hayrides, shop, sing, make smores, ride ponies, watch movies on outdoor screens, and really just get overloaded on Christmas spirit!!

Or you can play in hay and have just as much fun...

There is so much to do and I would recommend that if you are in or near town that you take your kids (or go on a date) to this place! It is wonderful! I would also recommend that you go on a week night... it was a bit crowded on Saturday, but luckily Radley is little enough that he didn't care what he was doing, he just liked the freedom to run around, be loud, giggle, squeal and delight in Christmas joy.

And I loved watching him, Kayla and Emmy, too!

When you go to meet Santa, you get to go to his "house". How cute is this picture?!?!?! Radley and Kayla spotted him from outside and darted for his window! Their eyes were literally as big as saucers (if you can imagine Radley's any bigger) and could not stop shouting, "Santa, Santa, SAN-TA!"

Again, Emmy was able to contain all that excitement! :)

It really did feel like were visiting the North Pole... the temperature dropped about 15 degrees while we were there, so Emmy got to be all bundled up!

No kid-friendly park is complete without a petting zoo. Radley loved all the baby goats, but they wouldn't eat fast enough for him, so he just left his cup on the ground and told us he was ready to do something else.

That something else was riding ponies and I couldn't believe that he was so eager to ride one! He did so good and informed us that he, "didn't need Pops to hold me"... such a big kid!

I was glad that my parents could join us... it makes me happy to see Radley and Emmy so happy in their presence. I didn't get to grow up around my "family" since they all lived in Baton Rouge. I created a new family with my friends and have such wonderful memories and connections because of it, but I do wish that I could have seen MaMaw, PaPaw and Grandmother more often.

My PaPaw was a giant man but so loving and kind and I remember feeling so small and safe and secure in his presence. He smelled like Old Spice and cigarettes which is a scent that I love to this day. I wonder how Radley feels riding on Pops' shoulders or snuggled in GiGi's arms or being chased by Lola. I'm so glad that they are a constant part of their lives (even if that means an overload on Dr. Pepper, M&Ms and chocolate goldfish!)

I look forward to making our visit to Santa's Town a family tradition that continues to grow!

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