Tiny Tales Thursday...

For some reason, the powers that be have decided that some words are unacceptable for small children to use. Now, while I agree that I don't need Radley dropping those four little letters left and right that we all sometimes like to keep in our arsenal of vocabulary, I don't always see the point of telling him he can't use perfectly acceptable adjectives.

Namely the word, stupid.

Stupid is a perfectly acceptable word. And very appropriate to use when describing things.... especially some people with distinct attributes like bad driving, bad customer service, and just those poor individuals who, bless their heart, just don't get it.

Well, we all know that Radley isn't supposed to use the word "stupid" because he will get in trouble at school.

The other day GiGi caught him in the act on more than one occasion saying "stupid, man!"
{Which CLEARLY is something that is absolutely true, nonetheless} GiGi quickly corrected the situation.

GiGi: Radley, are you supposed to say "stupid"
Radley: No ma'am
GiGi: Then stop saying it
Radley: But, I'm not saying "stupid", GiGi, I'm saying "Stupid, man!"

There is a difference. ;)

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