Tis the Season...

I think I am going to dedicate this week to "prepping for the season".

Please, contain your excitement.

I will admit, that it has taken me a bit longer to get in the Spirit than usual. We have been thrown for a loop these past couple of weeks and, well, at one point I wanted to cancel the whole thing. (What's that? You don't know where Radley gets his dramatic streak? Me either.)

So, back to canceling Christmas.

I figured that was silly. And pointless. And, well, drastic. So I decided to go on with it. You're welcome.

I really am pumped about this year. Radley is so excited about "CHRISTMAS TIME" and we are excited to have one more King family member to celebrate with!

I have been decorating the house all week and we made this weekend, the big "decorate the tree" weekend. We had some great helpers...

Emmy couldn't wait to hang her first ornament...

And Radley couldn't wait to tell us where to hang each of the remaining 500 ornaments! :) Since the tree and other decorations have been up he has created a little routine.

Each morning he instructs me to "turn on the lights" Mommy because he wants to look at the "colorfer" lights. And as soon as we get home from school, I have to do the same. He loves that we have three trees and he loves that he and Emmy each have a little tree in their room, too.

"Christmas is everywhere, Mommy!"

And isn't that true? Christmas is all around us. (Is that a line from Love Actually?)

There is no avoiding it and when you look beyond the gear and gadgets and "one day" sales that last 10 days, you see the Christmas that is around YOU is the one that really matters!


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