Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley is smart.

Radley is too smart.

Being too smart sometimes makes Radley even cuter.

I am a control freak (see yesterday's post). I like things in order. Sometimes Radley being "too smart" makes my life not in order.

I was looking for one of Emmy's toys the other day and could not find it anywhere. I looked in her room, his room, our room, the living room, etc. Under couch cushions, under chairs, in drawers, etc. Emmy clearly doesn't need "toys" but she loves this one since it makes crinkly noises and is a great thing to chew on.

I wanted to find the toy.

I remember Radley playing with it, so I asked him if he knew where it was.

Radley: It's ok, Mommy, Emmy was sharing it with me.
Me: Great, buddy. I'm glad she was sharing, but do you know where it is.
Radley: Hmmm... let me think. ::fake thinking::
Me: Ok, bud. Just help me find it.

Radley then "helps" me by looking in random places to no success.

After about 20 minutes of this (did I mention I'm a bit OCD) it was time for Ryan to take the kids to school. I was putting Radley in the car and kissing him goodbye, when...

Radley: ::With this sly twinkle in his eye:: It's in my red bag, Mommy. ::Smiling even bigger now:: Bye, Mommy! Love you!
Me: ::shaking head:: Thanks, bud.

I go back in the house and look in said "red bag" and sure enough the crinkly elephant is there.

Not sure what this means for his future career or my sanity. :)

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