Tiny Tales Thursday...

Kids are observant.

Radley notices everything we do and say. He notices our reactions to things. He notices the inflection in our voice. Our mannerisms.

Sometimes this makes for a funny reaction to certain situations.

Ryan and I are routinely greeted by "gifts" left by our cats in the morning. This usually consists of some type of ritualistic cleaning routine with the Resolve, paper towels, under the breath cursing and threats of removing the cats forever from this home.

Radley notices.

The other morning I noticed something in the carpet and was all prepared to clean up the mess.

Radley noticed my concern and followed me in the living room.

"That dirt, Mommy? Or stupid cat puke?"

Luckily, for the cats... it was just dirt.

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  1. Tiny Tales Thursdays are my favorite!! Ha ha, they always brighten my days!