Christmas in Pictures...

Twas the night before Christmas at the King's home
We gathered for a picture before Santa would roam

Down through our chimney and into the house
It's true what they, say, he's as quiet as a mouse

Then early the next morning, the house began to rise
To Christmas magic full of surprise

Santa filled stockings and filled them "too much"
For on the couch spilled out all sorts of fun stuff

Overboard, Santa went on two little ones
A train, trike and bicycle will bring tons of fun

And Alfie showed up so he could he supervise
And he wanted to see the smiles in Radley's eyes

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus, Happy Birthday to you
Thanks for all the blessings and wonderful things that you do

Goodies galore! Where do we start?!?
It's almost too much for these little one's hearts

We quickly dug in to all of the loot
Have you ever seen anyone so cute?

We needed a small break to let it all soak in
Then it was time for presents, let the FUN begin!

Toys, books, cards and games
My kids just aren't loved... isn't it a shame?!?! ;)

Christmas reminds us about each special gift
And really flies by much too swift

It's a day to be silly with our new dinosaur
And hours and hours of a little boy's "ROAR!"

It's about those moments that fill us with joy
Like going on a hunt to find your new toy

It's about big surprises and little ones, too
To show those you love just how much they mean to you

It's about family tradition we cherish so dear
And each sacred moment that we hold near

It's about family and friendships and laughter and smiles
And giving thanks to heaven all the while

It's making things special for the ones that you love
And mostly about the blessings sent from above

Our Christmas was special, yes it is true
Hope you that had a wonderful Christmas, too!!!

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