You know that person that knows you better than you know yourself sometimes? That person that's not afraid to call you out, lift you up, hold your hand, laugh, cry, shout, complain? 

Well, I am lucky enough to have met that person in the first grade... 

This is Jenni and she is having baby Cooper in 2 weeks!!! :) I am so excited for him to arrive! Jenni and Bryan already have sweet Karli (almost 4) and Cooper will be the perfect addition for their family. Cotton (Bryan's nickname) is a coach. A great athlete and lover of sports and I think he and Cooper are going to be best buds. Jenni is going to love having a boy and well, I just love that all my friends are in this stage of life!

We can all go crazy together! ;)

This is Lyndee. We have been friends since we were TWO YEARS OLD! Isn't that crazy?!? One of the many reasons I loved growing up in a small town is that I got to grow up with the same people from kindergarten to graduation (and beyond). Lyndee is expecting baby number 1 on June 8 (the day after Emmy's birthday!) We find out if baby will be a boy or girl today!!! 

This is Charis. Yes, I don't have a picture with her. We all hosted the shower for Jenni and Cooper and Charis and I are usually behind the camera (me, because I'm crazy, Charis because she takes amazing pictures) so I guess we didn't stop and pause to pose. :( Charis is the mom of 3 boys and 1 girl, which means she loves to laugh at us when have those moments!

Together we are the RaRa's! It's okay to be jealous. Ha ha... just kidding!

Together we have laughed, cried, celebrated, grieved, loved, disliked, and everything in between. I love these girls... so so much and am anxiously awaiting all that life will bring us together!

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