Happy New Year...

So, we've been busy and I just haven't found the time to update in the past week or so. Forgive me?

The holidays are over and even through all the crazy travels, unplanned events, and good and bad moments... I can say that the real reason for the season definitely shined through!

I'll use this week to play "catch up" more for my own memories and less because I actually think that anyone is just dying to know what the Kings did for Christmas (Ok... you're dying to know...) and hopefully display some of that Holiday Magic that we experienced.

2011 began with us in Sherman this year visiting Ryan's mom and stepdad. Fely is still recovering from her surgery but she did get to go home sooner than we thought which is a blessing. We made them homemade pizzas and just watched the kids play and Radley make a mess. We headed back to the hotel around 9pm because the kids were getting cranky and everyone was out by 9:30pm! :) What a bunch of geezers, huh?

It was a relaxing weekend and just what the doctor ordered for Fely. She just lights up around Radley and Emmy and I'm glad that we could provide some positive energy for her. Our days were spent coloring, playing hide and seek, napping, eating, visiting and we even managed to squeeze a movie in there, too! (Go see Tangled... presh. us.)

Although we were sad to leave, we were all very happy to be home and get back in our routine! Man, my kids like a routine (wonder where they get that from?!?). I took one last day off today to play catch up around here and it may just be my favorite day of this entire break! :)

Hope the New Year brings many blessings to each of you!

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