Tiny Tales Thursday...

Our family likes a routine.

Are you surprised?

Well, EVERY night we follow the same bedtime routine.

Bath. PJs. Play a bit. Brush teeth. Potty. Read a book. Read a "Jesus story". Pray. Sleep.

Radley likes to pick which Jesus story we are going to read. He does so well and listens and looks at the pages. At the end of each story is a 2 sentence "lesson" and then a prayer. Every night we read both and he repeats the prayer.

I think he may be getting a bit tired of this routine. For the last several nights his reaction has been, "There sure are A LOT of prayers in my Jesus stories."

"Yes, buddy. It's important to pray."

Last night, same routine, this reaction:

Rad: "Mom, we need a new Jesus book. This one just has too many prayers."
Me: "Well, buddy. Jesus likes us to pray."
Rad:  "Jesus likes us to play with trains, too, Momma. Do we need more trains?"

What a little stinker!

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