Happy Monthday...

Happy Seven Month Birthday, Emmy!!

What have you been up to lately...

You have entered the nosy stage! You want to be everywhere with everyone! You still don't love to nap at school because you are busy watching everyone else! You take great naps on weekends and sleep  from about 7pm-7am every night which more than makes up for it! You still “talk” a lot and already make the “ma ma” sound which is music to my ears! You love blowing raspberries and just giggling at brother.

Your teachers and everyone at WDS comment on what a sweet baby you are. You really hardly ever cry. In fact, one day last month you started crying at school and one of the teachers got so concerned they called Miss Vivian. A few pats on the back on one giant burp later and you were just fine! I know they love having you in class and I’m so glad they take such good care of you!

You are still in your size 2 diapers and I so pleased and proud to say that Dad and I have still not purchased a box of diapers. That streak will end this weekend, but what a blessing from everyone that gave us diapers!!  You can still wear size 3-6 month clothes but we have also put you in some 6-9 month stuff. On NYE you wore an outfit that was 0-3 months, so I think it just depends on who makes the clothes. Get used to it, girl! J I predict that you weigh around 16 pounds and growing every day! Your cheeks are just Presh. Us.

You are in my favorite stage of being able to sit up but not move. You just play so sweetly with your toys and get help from your big brother, too. You will just laugh at him and we love to hear that sound! I think you are anxious to move around like him, but I bet we have another month for that to happen. You  love the toys that you can hit to make sound and will explore them and analyze them like you are trying to figure something out.

We are transitioning from the swaddle to just letting you sleep on your own. You like it because you can move around. Many mornings I find you sleeping peacefully on your tummy which scares me a little bit, but you like it.

I can’t believe we only have 5 months to go until your first birthday! I better start the planning now… who are we kidding… I already have!

And it's GAME DAY!! The Aggies are headed to the Cotton Bowl to BTHO LSU Tigers! It's a house divided tonight! Sorry GiGi and Pops, but we bleed maroon in this house!


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  1. she could NOT be cuter. and how in the world is she already 7 months old?! i can't take it!