Girls Gone.... Mild?

Ryan and Radley took their first boys trip to Sherman this weekend, which left me all alone with Emmy! They were going to visit Lola who was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital after they found a blood clot in her lung. We are so thankful that they found the clot before she suffered a heart attack. Prayers are continued to be welcome by us as she fights this horrible disease. 

While, I was sad to see them go... I was excited for a quiet weekend at home. We would have gone with the boys, but since it was such a quick trip and long drive, it was just smarter for us to stay home. 

We were later joined by GiGi and Mamaw for the ultimate girls weekend! I HATE staying home alone... just hate it! Well, I actually enjoy it until it's time to go to bed and then I'm big ole baby. I've always hated it which is why I was glad to live with boys in college. The few times that I was alone I distinctly remember calling for "backup" or creating slumber parties to avoid it. (And I wonder why Radley gets up during the night because he's afraid of the dark). 

I am so glad that Mom and MaMaw came to spend the weekend with us! We did all the usual things like shopping, laundry, gorging on Chinese food, watching Oprah, and cooking some yummy food!

It was a great way to unwind and relax! I love you both so so much! Let's do it again real soon!!

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  1. That MaMaw can get wild - she just didn't want to show y'all up. What a fun weekend for the girls. Love all 4 of you!