So, I like to take my time and really think about my resolutions for a few reasons...

1. I want them to be realistic so that I can be successful in my efforts
2. I want them to help me lead a more positive, happy life
3. I like to get a little creative

So I thought it would serve me well to put them in writing for "the world" to see to give me that extra incentive to live up to said resolutions. Here goes...

1. If you remember this post then you will get our motivation for resolution number one. LESS. EATING. OUT. The good thing is that we already know that we can do this. The hard part is all those bad influences in our lives. So... we have made some guidelines. As a family we will eat out every Sunday after church. Sunday's are special days and church is a special thing, so we would like to take that time to celebrate. We don't HAVE to eat out, but we can. Ryan and I will also work on an "envelope" system for eating out during work. We will give ourselves an allotted amount each month and when we run out, we run out. I have already run out for January. oops.

2. Projects can cause me heart ache. I have such BIG plans for things. I can visualize the achieved project so easily and then something happens like a sick kiddie, a broken car, an out of town trip, weekend visitors, projects for other people, work, etc. In other words, life gets in the way of my grand plans. SO, in 2011 I resolve to take one project at a time. I have lots of things on my "project wish list" like repainting an old bookshelf, roughing up a chair, reorganizing the toy room/guestroom, etc... I will pick one/month and focus on that which should allow me time to do the smaller projects in between.

3. Ok. I have a confession. I was a very regular donor to Gold's Gym for about 2 years. Each month I would send in my little monthly payment and never set foot in the doors. This had to stop, so I quit the gym. (anyone remember that FRIENDS episode?) Well, this summer Ryan and I joined a local gym and paid for it in ADVANCE bc it was cheaper and thought it would encourage us to go more. HA. Where do we find the time?!? So resolution three: be more active. Work out. Take a lunch break to walk around campus. Use Saturday mornings at the gym. Sweat 4 times each week... ON PURPOSE. :) Just quit being lazy... because Radley is getting older and I need to keep up with him.

4. This whole life thing can be hard sometimes. No one really talks about life after you have babies. They focus on being pregnant and then having a cute cuddle partner, but then kind of forget to mention juggling a marriage/career/family/personal life. Man. It. Is. Tough. (worth it, but tough). So, resolution numero four-o, is to focus on US! :) I know! What a horrible thought for Ryan and I to focus on ourselves?!? Our relationship?!?! EACH OTHER?!? Holy smokes! With our schedules, it is pretty unrealsitic for us to have "date night" once a week (especially since we resolve to spend less eating out). But we can focus on us at home, or as a family or doing fun things for ourselves. Maybe that means a girls night. Or a guys night. Or a date night. Whatever, it means taking the time to talk about more than just when Emmy/Radley last had to poop. It means putting us first.

I think we saved the best for last. :) I have tons more items that I can add to this list and I may still, but for now... this is what I want to focus on in 2011 and we'll see where it goes from here!!

Feel free to share your resolutions here, or leave a word of encouragement from time to time! :)

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