Something old, Something new...

Our Easter was filled with old and new traditions. As usual, the kids woke up (well, we actually had to WAKE them up) to discover that EB had paid a visit. Don't be fooled by the size of those baskets, half of those things were purchased as stocking stuffers that I didn't use at Christmas! The other half was purchased by Gigi. ;) 

We are pretty low-key Easter basket fillers - they got glamorous things like socks, kit kats, a kite (that Emmy proclaimed she had "always" wanted) and children's Claritin. 

Then they went on an indoor egg hunt since the forecast called for rain and EB didn't feel like taking the risk. This almost turned tragic when we couldn't find the remaining egg - I was a little worried we would be smelling it later in the week, but luckily Pops remembered covering one up with his blanket when he woke up. 


We then got dressed and headed out for church, but managed to take a picture before the rain began to fall. 

But then I made everyone take more pics after church since the porch was covered. Pops put on his best smile. :) 

Radley didn't move...

and we were looking at Gigi's camera. 

I also decided that it's a shame they don't have more personality.

After our mini photoshoot we did something we have NEVER done on a major holiday. 

We went OUT to EAT.

Y'all. Did you know that you can have an amazing meal that you don't have to cook or clean up? Yes... people will bring you things that you ask for like more butter and fresh bread. It was glorious and my new favorite tradition. 

We filled our bellies full, kissed Gigi and Pops goodbye and settled in for long naps. Landry won with a whopping 3.5 hours of sleep. Amazing. While she was catching her zzzz's, we took advantage of the cool day and finally got around to planting our garden.

This is a 21st Century gardener.... looking up YouTube videos about each of the plants and how we should place them. 

Radley is a very serious horticulturist and made sure we did everything exactly as the directions instructed. 

The girls played with doodle bugs. Emmy thought they died every time they rolled into a ball. 

And then they found the cascarones. All I could hear from the back was giggles in the driveway. They used half of them like poppers and just threw them on the ground and jumped on them. Pretty darn cute.

By the end of the afternoon we had a freshly planted garden, freshly bathed kids and freshly poured bowls of cereal. 

I'd say this may be the best holiday yet. Hope yours was blessed, too!

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  1. You guys could seriously be models! Gorgeous, gorgeous family! Keep us posted on your garden!