Tiny Tales Thursday...

We took the big kids to see The Promise at the Munson's church on Saturday as part of our Easter weekend. We had prepped them about what we were going to see and how some of it may be hard to watch or scary and that if they needed to go outside, we would take them.

Emersyn ended up sitting in my lap for the majority of the show and I loved it. Her commentary was so good and the questions she asked were so wonderful and it gave me the opportunity to really talk to her about the story of Jesus.

Satan was just always "around" during the production. Not really speaking much, but he had a presence. At one point, he was there while Jesus was talking to the disciples.

E: Is that the debil, Mommy?
Me: Yes, that's the devil.
E: Well - he's being so nice!
Me: What do you mean?
E: He's waiting his turn patiently to talk to them.

I had to explain that he wasn't really waiting to talk, he was filling their heads with things to do that disobeyed God.

E: Like when we don't listen?
Me: Yep.
E: Or are mean?
Me: Yep.

All of this in a 4 year old whisper - which clearly means no whisper at all. She now is quick to point out when the devil is telling any one of us to do something. I'm sure they will start to have nightmares thinking about him lurking around.

My favorite part came when they were showing all the miracles that Jesus had done in his life. There was a moment when he brought a little girl back to life. They showed Jesus raising her up and she came back to life.

E: Oh, Mommy! I know what we can do!
Me: What?
E: We just have to bring Lola to Jesus and she will be alive!!
Me: Oh, Baby... she IS with Jesus.
E: loud gasp Oh, Mommy! She's at our HOUSE???
Me: No, baby... she's in heaven with Jesus... but he has healed her just like He said he would.

I held back the tears as best as I could. Because she GOT it. She understood. Our God is amazing. Our Jesus works miracles. We are loved. We are saved. All because of Him.

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