Some weeks are hard. Some weeks are easy. All weeks fly by at warp speed. But each day holds goodness - even on the not-so-good days.


This is a day that always seems rushed no matter how hard I try to be prepared. It's a big meeting day at work but I also feel like I always have tons to get done which makes the meetings even longer. It's also "dance day" so I leave to pick up Emmy (sometimes Landry, too) before heading to Rad's school to sit in the carpool line. We try to get there early so we are one of the first ones since dance starts 15 minutes after he gets to the car. RUSHED. 

But, those 30 minutes in the car with her when it's just us are such a fun part of my week. We snack, we laugh, we sleep (!) and just jab away. Last week I asked her if I could play with her hair and she enthusiastically said yes! (She was probably surprised, because I am not a "hair" mom... I kind of was, too!) And then I made her hair CUTE in something besides a pony tail. Y'all. This is a miracle. (I mean a tiny one - it's just braided piggies pinned over). 


Let's play guess the theme:
Landry - I am three and super cute day!
Emmy - Rodeo Day!
Radley - I am a seven-year-old boy that dresses himself and thinks yellow on yellow matches. 

I also finally took this one for her 3 year well check (oops!). I actually couldn't remember if she had been or not. #thirdkid 
10th percentile for height
35th percentile for weight
100th percentile for cute

Fridays usually mean we get to go out for dinner. Because who wants to cook one more time? I saw these sweet ladies dressed up for prom and the girls just HAD to go talk to them. It may be have been the sweetest thing I have seen when one bent down and talked to them... "Are you going to a ball??".


A&M celebrates Parents' Weekend in the spring so that families can see what their kiddo has been up to all year. It's always such a bittersweet time closing a year while getting ready for a new. Couldn't have asked for a better pair to spend my time with this year!

And this crew wasn't too shabby either! :)

After work comes play and it was time for another CK dinner. Ronnie and Willie were ready to dig into... 

This. Yum. Times 1000. 


We took it slow, went to church, enjoyed some naps and made these muffins. I'd say they came out exactly as they were intended. I'd also say that I didn't like them. I can't get over the oatmeal base for the muffin. Muffin means bread. Muffin does not mean oatmeal. 


Monday was the start of a CRAZY week. I was heading to Miami (what! I know!) and Ryan was already back in Houston. I planned my flight so that I could drop kids off at work and get a couple hours of work in before heading out. This is my new travel outfit of choice. The places I visit need to understand that #texasforever.


By 3pm, Gigi had the kids, my feet were up and I was enjoying a moment of silence to just sit and read.

And then by 6pm, this. 


Tuesday got interesting, y'all. I was getting ready for the day when my phone started to ring and "Weekday School" popped up. They only call when something happens. And something happened. 

Landry had fallen on the playscape at school and cut above her eye. 
I was in Florida.
Ryan was in Houston.
Gigi was on Rad's field trip. 


Luckily, they knew all of this and had already called Cindy. (Who by the way was giving a speech to over 200 people later that night and maybe needed to drive out of town. But she never hesitated.) Cindy met Jeremy at Urgent Care. Urgent Care called me to make sure they had permission to treat. I texted pics of my insurance card to Jeremy. Gigi and Will drove back from the field trip. Ryan and I felt helpless. And Landry was pooty but had a purple Popsicle. 

By the end of it, she had 4 stitches, a new band aid and ice cream for lunch. 

It was the worst feeling in the world to be away from her. But we have the best village around and I am so thankful that they were all there and Landry was well loved. Morale of the story: Surround yourself with YOUR people. People that love you, that love your kids and the help with question. Not because they have to. Because they want to.

The day went on and I got spend my evening with parents-to-be dishing all about the greatness of Dr. Smiths. In case you haven't heard, they have a spray. ;)

Also, in case you haven't heard - I like taking "excited face" pictures. 

Tuesday was also Aggie Muster so Megan and I were happy to spend the evening celebrating our days in Aggieland. 


By 9:30am I was back in CS (yeah - that was an EARLY flight) and by 12pm I was with this kid on his field trip to Lupe Tortilla with the CHE DL program. The kids had to speak in Spanish only and it was adorable. Gigi hung around so I could shower and nap while she picked Rad up from school. Moms are the best. 


By Wednesday night, we thought that L and/or Emmy were going to have to stay home from school the next day. This was of course my busiest week (well month) of the year and I needed to get to work. So thankful for a husband that gets it and comes home from a new role at work to catch the ball that I came close to dropping. So lucky to have him. 

And that's us in an instant!

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  1. Girl! I'm exhausted just reading all of this! You are a rockstar! And, can we talk about how cute your little one looks with that amazing braid?! I need a tutorial on that!!! And, you are B-L-E-S-S-E-D with a village. I'm sorry that Landry had to go through that but how amazing for her to know she's loved by so many people! And, random, but what's this about a Dr. Smith's spray?! I swore by Dr. Smith's when I had babies!!!

    1. I have no idea why I'm just now responding to this - but yes... Dr. Smith's has a SPRAY! And it's amazing! Too bad it wasn't around when mine were in diapers!

  2. That was a-lot! You are a busy momma but I know you wouldn't have it any other way.