One down...

Week one is done and it wasn't that bad. I realize people have spouses that travel all the time, but this was new to us and I was relatively surprised with how well and quickly we all adjusted.

(Not between you and me, dear readers, the morning routine **may** have been a bit smoother because there was no 4th person to distract the children and not listen to me. I mean, hypothetically speaking, of course.)

(And, well, the extra time at night to just sit and read and not converse or share the remote **may** have also been ok.) 


When we got home on Monday, we discovered this sweet surprise from Ryan. A countdown of 52 weeks for the kids. They get to tear off a number each Friday and that will clearly not lead to any bickering of who gets to tear it off. :)

And then that night, well...of course something would happen. Because the toilet broke. I am sparing you the actual video, and opted for a picture instead but the water would not stop running and there was nothing I could do about it. So I just turned the water off. 

On Monday around midnight, my sink still looked like this and I about had a heart attack. If you know me, you know that this was basically torture, but I have pledged to let this be a lesson in letting this go. I was proud - for about 2 minutes and then totally washed the dishes.

The biggest program of the year for my students is coming up and they are working 24/7 on signs and banners. I brought the kids to one of the prep sessions and y'all - they were in heaven. I'm pretty sure I'll be dropping them off at the Glade house a few times when Mommy needs a break. :) 

And to celebrate that Daddy would be home SOON, we had blueberry and banana pancakes WITH whip cream for dinner on Thursday. This was basically a bribe for good behavior. It worked.

I know that a lot of people may see this situation as normal and I hope that I can be a better friend and support to my friends that have travelling husbands. The truth for me is that Ryan is my partner in every sense of the word. He does bath time. He fixes pony tails. He cleans the bathrooms, does the laundry, and listens to my day. So we miss him lots when he's gone but we are so proud of him!

And I'm thankful for the "treats" he bought me at the store this week.



  1. What an amazing dad and husband! Lucky girl you are. I have the same issue with dishes in the sink....alot of other things I can bare to leave (like seriously I left my bed unmade this morning and my MOTHER will be in town before I get home..gasp) but I hate the dishes in the sink.

  2. You've got this, mama! And, I know you know but you've got yourself a good man!