Weekend Shenanigans...

Some weekends are easy from start to finish - they feel so long that they seem like a vacation. Then some weekends are so jam-packed you can't remember if you changed your underwear. 

(Just kidding).

But that was our weekend from start to finish jam-packed with non-stop fun that started with a giant makeover session for some not-so-giant tots. 

Emmy's dance class was taking pictures so a few of the mommas and their darling daughters came over to get ready, which was lucky for Emmy since Mrs. Jamie stepped in to the hair rescue. If it was up to me, she would have just had a top knot. 

I didn't take a picture in her full costume because that would have ruined the recital, but if you can imagine - she wore the biggest smile for the entire time her eyes were blue and her lips were red (which ended after she ate a burrito). 

Saturday morning the girls and I got dressed for a baby shower while Ryan and Radley got ready for his first soccer game of the day. We headed our respective ways only to discover that the baby shower started at 2pm - not 10am. Yeah, that. :) We booked it to the fields to see the end of game 1, grabbed lunch, headed home to change clothes and then made it back to the fields for game 2. 

I took a break from snapping photos during the game because Radley was ON FIRE. Y'all. I know I say this a lot... but he really is good. So good! 

He was a little upset that not all his teammates scored a goal, but he was okay with the win.

(Although we don't keep score.)

(But clearly we do.)

The assistant coaches were proud of the win, even Dot, the baby doll.

Saturday ended with the baby shower (the actual one), church and dinner for me and the kids while Ryan drove back to Houston for a family wedding. I was super sad to miss out seeing his family which is why I was DELIGHTED when a few of them were able to visit on Sunday afternoon. 

The kids had the BEST time with all of their "new" aunts and uncles and Emmy almost refused to let them leave. 

And would they want them to when they can make silly faces like this?!

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