Fantastic Four...

Not to get your hopes up, but this post isn't about a semi-blockbuster film based on a old TV series about 4 superhumans. I know you are devastated. But, it may still be pretty fantastic. ;)

Holly over at While I'm Waiting answered a set of questions last week and then challenged me to do the same. So, lucky you - more information all about me...see... FANTASTIC!



Check out Holly's answers here and see mine below!

Four nicknames I've had

1. KK - elementary school play ground
2. Gurty - Middle School PE coach/my ever-so-impressive basketball career
3. Babe - Ryan
4. Kates/Katers/Kate - by my nearest and absolute dearest peeps

Four places in the US that I have never been

side note - we have a goal to see all 50 states by the time L graduates HS, so these are on the must-see list

1. Montana - I really want to go to a dude ranch and I totally think that when we go to Montana, it's a basic must. Check out this place that offers GLAMPING. #done #butnotreallybecauseLAWDYthoseprices

2. Maine - In my head, this is where I will retire every summer.

3. Highway 1  - I want to road trip this one summer - maybe take 3 weeks. Fly out there, rent a car, drive to the bottom and then come home. #dreamer #thekidswillhavetobeold #sotheycandrivewhileIdrink #kidding #oramI

4. Hawaii - This will probably be the last state we visit. And then stay forever.

Four must have clothing items

1. Skinnies/leggings/yoga pants
2. Dresses
3. Cardigans
4. Sandals

Four jobs I have had

1. Gift wrapper at JcPenney
2. Stockroom worker at JcPenny (my dad worked there)
3. Sandwich artist at Honey-B Ham & Deli (where I met Ryan)
4. Leadership Educator at Texas A&M

Four movies I have watched over and over

1. Shag  - If you haven't seen this, stop reading, go to YouTube or come to my house and watch it. I can quote it from beginning to end. I also know all the dances.

2. Steel Magnolias - Because any girl that lives below the Mason Dixon line has seen it 100 times.

3. Every Disney Animated film - Because we are a Disney family.

4. The Holiday - Because it's on my Christmas movie list that I watch on repeat.

Four things I have in my purse

1. Pens
2. Chapstick
3. Wallet
4. Tissues
(also known as when everyone discovers Katy is boring).

Four things I don't eat

I'm almost embarrassed to answer this one, because, well, I don't know if there are four things I won't eat.
1. Balut
2. Real sushi
3. Runny fried eggs - just the white part needs to be hard but if its under cooked in any way I gag and won't eat it. Gross.
4. Super super super spicy stuff

Four of my favorite foods

1. My mom's spaghetti and gravy
2. Corn tortillas and queso
3. Christopher's House Filet (or maybe the new short ribs he is doing) (how food snob do I sound)
4. Frosted Flakes with chocolate milk and bananas and two pieces of buttered toast (whew, just redeemed the snob in me)

Four TV shows I wish they would bring back

3. Brothers and Sisters

Four things I always say

Let's place guess who is the recipient of these phrases...
1. Clearly
2. If you don't do this right now then I will... (fill in blank with a sassy ridiculous statement)
3. Do you hear me?
4. I love you. 

Four things I am looking forward to in 2015

1. Summer fun with this crew!

2. Road trip to Breckenridge with the Munsons #lookouteveryone #craziescomingatya

3. A kitchen project we've been dying to try - Ryan is going to build us a banquette just like this. #maybe #perhapswewillpaysomeoneinstead

4. Every Friday when Ryan comes home :)

And that's it! :)


  1. OK - let's chat about a few things...We too have also talked about trying to visit all 50 states before Colby goes to college! Well, actually, I've talked about it - don't quite have everyone on board for this...yet! :) And, glamping - YES!!! Let me know if you find an economical version! SHAG!!! Oh my goodness! I compltely forgot about this one! I had the VHS version at one time! I would LOVE for you to teach me the dances! How fun is that?! Corn tortillas and queso - YES!!! I can't wait to see your banquette! I have so many of those pinned on my Pinterest kitchen board...dreams! And, I love that I love you is one of your four things that you say the most (duh! why didn't I think of that!). Thanks so much for sharing! Love getting to know you a little better!

    1. Hah! I didn't really give my crew a choice - I just told Ryan that this was the plan. :) Glamping, girl - those teepees are amazing! (The price #notsomuch). Shag - best movie ever and I STILL have the VHS. :) The corn tortillas make it a healthy snack. And I'll keep you posted on whether or not the banquette actually happens! Thanks for inviting me to play along - it was fun!

  2. I am seriously cracking up on your hashtags!

    1. Hashtags make the sarcasm less mean. It's social media's way of saying "Bless her heart!" ;)