The Queen of Everything...

And no, I'm not talking about me - I'm talking about my friend, Shelly, also known as The Queen in Between. Not only does she rock at the working momma life, she has a son that plays college baseball, so she travels to support him, keeps up with her blog REGULARLY  (unlike another Queen I know), volunteers, has killer style - oh and brings delicious dinners to people that she knows through the blog world. 

(Yeah, that last one was us.) In short, she's pretty darn amazing and I'm so glad we have connected through the blog world. And if that wasn't enough - she nominated me for a Liebtser Award - so thank you, Shelly! You are just the best and we have to hit happy hour soon!

With the nomination, Shelly posed some questions for me - so dear readers... here are my answers:

 How did you decide on your blog name?

Easy - I didn't. Ha! I was pregnant with Emersyn when I decided to start a blog, and my sweet friend, Niki sent a onesie for her that said "Queen of the Kings".

And then we decided - that's a GREAT name for a blog. So it stuck and here I am!

What do you love most about blogging?

All of it! I have always kept a journal (and by a journal, I mean multiple. At the same time.) I have a travel journal, a prayer journal, a journal I write in twice a year to give a family update, countless diaries from when I was younger, you name it. So blogging has been a great way for me to journal about our family and document our lives without scrapbooking - because I am awful at that. 

I also love the connection you feel with other bloggers. There are so many that I read daily, some I pop into from time to time, and even more that I have gained friendship from and feel that I could email for help or advice. In a world where there is so much competition and mom bashing, I love that blogging can be a place for us to connect and grow. 

If you were given $1000, how would you spend it?

I'd probably put it in my "secret' savings account and let it sit there. Ha! I am the girl that wants to bury a hole in the backyard to put all of our money in, but Ryan insists on doing more practical things like investing it. But, if I had to spend it... I'd probably start the kitchen project that I want to get done. A new seating area for our table, a new table, paint, and some plantation blinds. Is that boring? 

What would you love to get paid to do?

Write. Maybe not a novel, because character development is hard, but something. This blog, some articles, a fun column. I really do enjoy writing and I don't think I'm awful at putting my thoughts into words. I would also love to be a professional organizer because, well, I love organizing and cleaning and decluttering. Like I would host a garage sale every weekend because it's fun. I am crazy. 

What is your favorite season and why?

Can I be the girl that says all of them? Good. Here's why:

Fall - It smells like high school and I loved high school. The fresh cut lawn reminds me of the start of school. The first cool breeze makes me think of those Friday Night Lights. The ease of the season, the excitement in all hometowns, the ability to pull out a sweater and boots. You can't beat that. Until... 

Winter - Because before you know it, Christmas is here. And nothing reminds me of home like Christmas. The music, the lights, the gift wrapping, my favorite holiday movies on repeat. The real actual sweaters! And now with kids, the joy of that whole season is multiplied by 1000. 

Spring - Maybe this is my least favorite. (Sorry, spring). This is busy time at work for me - everything is rushed and I don't feel like I get to enjoy one thing in it's entirety. I do enjoy the warmer weather and that first pedicure of the year!

Summer - What's not to LOVE?!? Heat. Suntan lotion. Sun. Swimming. Beach. Tans. Working out!!! I big fat puffy heart love summer - especially now that I am off for 10 weeks. I just get to enjoy the slowness of the season and soak it all in!

How would you describe your go to outfit?

Fall/Winter - leggings, oversized sweater, boots, Warby's and top knot. 
Spring - Dress, cardigan, and sandals
Summer - Yoga pants, tank, flip flops

What is your best parenting or marriage advice?

God. God is best advice. Seek Him. Trust Him. Talk to Him. Both of these gigs are hard. Real hard. Loving someone else with your whole heart. Putting all these people first. Trying to make them happy and safe and loved. And, maybe also doing something for yourself. 

I suck lots at both sometimes. I am not the kindest wife - I have a temper. I don't say thank you enough. I get mad over dumb things. But I say I'm sorry. I try to do better. I pray out loud. And I help him to do the same. I believe in him with my whole heart and I trust him. I think that's the best gift you can offer to your marriage - trust. 

And parenting, is hard y'all. Real hard. There is too much information these days. Too many people telling you what to do. Too many ways to make yourself believe that you are inadequate if you don't color coordinate your food to the theme of the week. Ha! Just love them. Just accept them. Just keep them safe and protected and pray without ceasing for them each and every day. 

So my advice - is God. Seek Him. Trust Him. Talk to Him. 

What is your favorite app for photos and why?

Instagram. I heart Insta. It's my favorite social media outlet. I love that it's a quick way to get updated on what's going on with people you know and love. I love that you can "meet" and connect with new people. I love that a filter makes everyone look good. :) 

(I do not love that you can't have more than one account open at once or that you can't easily switch between the two. Come on, Insta. Up your game.)

Who you play you in a movie about your life?

Didn't you know - there already is a movie about my life. Ha! If I got to pick - I think I'd go with Jennifer Garner (don't shoot me, Cindy). She has been such a great spokeswoman for motherhood and marriage lately. I loved her reaction to the "baby bump" question. I love how she talks about Ben. And did you see her tear up on the Today show? If you know me, then you know I am a TOTAL crier and I loved her vulnerability and honesty. (And I mean, if Ben plays Ryan - well, that's a bonus.)

What is your favorite tip for balancing all the "in betweens" in your life?

1. Pray. A lot. 
2. Have a wonderful husband that wants to be involved. (Even if I make him. Sometimes).
3. Family first. No exceptions. This allows me to never feel guilty about saying no - even to work. And you know what? I am supported! 
4. Make lists. A lot. 
5. Create routine. 
6. Ask for help - even if I don't want to. 
7. Give myself a break.
8. Cry when I need to.
9. Have a hidden stash of chocolate.
10. And sometimes, I say yes to the mid-day snack of fried chicken.

And I think one of the best things about all of this chaos is that I WANT to do it. 

It's understanding your limits. It's accepting what you just aren't able to do. It's realizing that not doing it all does not make you a failure. Baby books or no baby books, they will survive. And won't be disappointed the rest of their lives. I don't have a baby book and I'm fine. Don't compare yourself to others because 90% of what is shown in this "instaWorld" is 10% of what actually exists. Remember that. It's easy to paint a pretty picture - it's hard to live it.

Thanks for nominating me, Shelly! This was fun! I'd like to nominate...

Jenn at Glorrie Days

ok - now for my questions!

1. What was the first blog you read?
2. What are you proud of?
3. How do you make time for yourself?
4. What is something you must have/do each morning?
5. Guilty pleasure food?
6. What do you want your grandkids to know about you? 
7. Dream vacation?


  1. Seriously.....I am speechless!! Who knew I would nominate you and you would totally knock it out of the park and inspire me!! Love all these words and found a few more things we have in common. Definitely need to have a CS Bloggers happy hour soon!

    1. Shelly - I couldn't agree more! I'm working on putting something together with a friend so stay tuned! :)

  2. This.was.awesome! I love reading your posts - I have never heard you speak but it's like you are sitting across a table from me when I'm reading! So fun! Love getting to know you! I agree with Shelly - CS Bloggers happy hour SOON!

    1. Ha! I do write just like I talk which is why there is always such weird punctuation. :) And stay tuned on Happy Hour!! :)