Reading Around the World

We all know how much I love the Kindergarten Circus the kids' school hosts every year so much so that I didn't think there would be any chance that a school tradition could ever come close to matching the cuteness. But y'all.... the Reading Around the World event was pretty darn awesome. 

As a Title I school, we are required to host a "community" event each semester. We have a 5K in the fall and this literacy event in the spring. Both are free to attend and both are hosted by the school - meaning the teachers and administrators give up their time and talent for these events. 

We arrived a little after the start time but were able to catch up quickly. Each child is given a "passport" to the world and can choose areas of the school to visit. The pods are decorated accordingly and teachers read a book that takes place in that region. 

This story takes place in India where a girl outsmarts a king by asking for 1 grain of rice to be doubled every day for 30 days. The girls LOVED that the main character was a girl just like them. 

They really did an outstanding job making the evening fun, engaging and educational. 

Everyone was welcome to come and participate - siblings, friends and family which made the evening even more festive. 

After three rotations we all headed to the cafeteria to sample food from around the world which included unlimited gelato from one of my favorite places!! And if that wasn't enough, the kids got door prizes and got to select a book to take home. 

If you are looking to add one more thing on your "to organize for my kids' school list" (because who isn't?!?) then this is a fantastic one to add!

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