We had a long weekend but I still didn't manage to get around to blogging a thing. Oh well!!

Our week started with one of the BEST meals Ryan has made to date. For some reason we had about 1830 onions on hand, so he decided he was going to make french onion soup. On an 80 degree day. In February. But y'all - it was SO DANG GOOD! The kids even ate the broth with some rotisserie chicken but I gobbled down every single bite. We froze most of it for that random day in March that will inevitably be freezing. Way to go, babe! 

Since Ryan was home on Monday night, Landry INSISTED that we open our Valentine gift together. She was so dang proud and simply giddy while we were opening her hard work and I couldn't love it more. We have the frame displayed in a space of honor because #truth the third kid doesn't have many pictures in the house. 

Some years I basically forget holidays and some years we go all out - there is no in between. And yes, this is "all out" for us. Cindy found those beanie boo slippers at WalMart and the girls are IN LOVE. They wear them everywhere - to school if I'd let them. And the hats are from the $1 spot at Target. 

As much as I love red, I have hardly any in my closet. I do have this darling skirt that I paired with my new favorite denim shirt and just kind of loved this look. Ps. The skirt has pockets.

And I may be a little biased, but I think that I have the best valentine's around!!

And if all the sweetness from Valentine's wasn't enough - it was COSTUME TRY ON DAY!!! The theme for this year's recital is Annie. Emersyn's class is dancing to "Never Fully Dressed" (but the new version) and she couldn't be more excited!

And y'all. Not gonna lie - I want Landry's costume in my size. CAN YOU EVEN DEAL!?!?! Her leotard is actually shorties and her ballet dance is to "Tomorrow" and she will definitely probably sing the entire time. I can't wait!

Friday morning Cindy and I got to visit with the darling Mr. Zeke Burns, first born to the AMAZING Sarah Giles Burns. You know her from all the photos she's taken of the kids over the years. Zeke decided he was super over all the picture taking and since he's such an overachiever, decided that instead of just pooping on all of the props like a regular kid, he'd land himself in the hospital for 2 weeks. He's just the cutest, sweetest, little guy and he has been surrounded by prayers from so many people!

Friday night we headed out of town for the long weekend and woke up to this view in Port Aransas!

The next three days were seriously so relaxing and fun. The perfect way to unwind and enjoy the extra day from school. We did lots of wave jumping, sand castle building, and lots of snuggling on the sand.

I have decided that there is nothing better than warm coffee on a cool morning walking down the beach. 

Especially since this guy got to be there with us!

And if all that wasn't enough - ICE CREAM for breakfast y'all because you don't want it to go to waste!

Full beach post coming soon - but for now, that's us in an instant!

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