Lucky Number...

We are month down in 2017, so I've been thinking about this year. Ryan and I have decided this is our year. As I mentioned in our New Year's recap, 17 is "his" number. Like most high school star athletes, his jersey number became his number. And y'all... it's been with him ever since. 17 has been part of his email addresses, screen names, perhaps a passcode or all of them two. His number.

So, 2017 is our year.

Our year to take risks.
Our year to play it cool.
Our year to think big.
Our year to live small.
Our year to say yes.
Our year to say no.
Our year to play hard.
Our year to work hard.
Our year to travel.
Our year to stay home.

2017 is our year.

The past two years have been hard. He has travelled more than he has been home. Of the past 20 months, I would estimate that 18 have had him sleeping in hotels. The months that he's been home are just the combined weekends that we've been in College Station.

I'm tired.
He's tired.
We are both tired of being tired.
I'm nervous.
He's nervous.
We are both nervous about being nervous.
I want him home.
He wants to be home.
The kids definitely want him home.

So 2017 is our year.

And while we may not be sure what that means, we do know that it is ours for the taking.

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