Take me to the beach...

We had the best three day weekend y'all - on somewhat of whim we decided to head south to Port Aransas. We hadn't been to the beach in what seemed like forever and it ended up being the best idea.

And bonus: Gigi and Pops came with us! (My dad even took Monday off from work - that's huge!) My mom's birthday was this week so this was the perfect way to celebrate her!

Everything is just better at the beach.

I really think the waves wash away every single stressful item and you just "be". 

I think it's how God really intended us to spend most of our days.

Surrounded by his beauty. 

Enjoying His creation.

Living outdoors.

Disconnected from our daily distractions.

This guy made their smiles even brighter. They miss him so much, we all do. They worked so sweetly together on that sand castle and they were so proud to show it off to me when they were done. And we couldn't have asked for better weather on Saturday. We stayed on the beach from 9am until 1pm with just some snacks and water to hold us over until lunch. We headed back to the most amazing beach house ever (more on that later) for a some quick naps before heading back to the beach for more. 

Emersyn decided that she wanted to build a sand castle all by herself and she was doing such a great job. Until the sand started to dry out and her castle began to collapse.

This is the face of a discouraged six-year-old that likes things to work how she wants them to.

So she took a quick break with Gigi and then got up to finish...

And made the best castle we had seen all day long!

As the sun started to set, we went exploring for some shells...

practiced some penalty kicks...

And copied big sister with a castle of her own.

I could relive this weekend over and over and never grow weary. Take me to the beach any day and you will have a happy hearted momma!

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