Sunday Sweetness...

 We made it to our church for the first time in a month and the message couldn't have been better. 

Father reminded us that Christians are made in the mundane of life. 

The every day. Those insignificant blips on the radar. When you let a stranger get in front of you in traffic. When you pass on listening in on the office gossip.

When you, potentially, don't start the office gossip. 

Maybe when you love your sister even though she can't sneeze without blowing snot every where.

How do we spread the word every day? As we left church and headed to the grocery store I kept thinking about how I was living in the mundane. Was I doing my best to be the "salt of the earth?" And wouldn't you know, I got my chance? As we were leaving I noticed the giant truck parked next to us - so close that the only reason Landry was able to get in the car was because we have sliding doors. As I was finished loading the car, this truck driver appeared and I really wanted to make a snarky comment.

But I didn't. I got in the car and waited for the employee gathering all the carts in the parking lot behind me so I could back up. And wouldn't you know that when he was finished trucker boy decided that he should go before me and almost hit me. 


I did not want to be the salt of the earth.
I wasn't really caring about being a Christian in the mundane.
I really really wanted to give him a piece of my mind in the form of some well placed SAT words.

But I didn't. I smiled. I waved. And I went on with the mundane.

Because as Emmy taught me last week, they are always watching what we do and so is He.  We went home, unloaded the car and snapped some pics because nothing brightens up a gloomy morning like some Sunday Sweetness.

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