Royally Waiting....A new link-up

Goodness, I had the best intentions to knock some blog posts out over our extended weekend, but we didn't have wifi and well, I was having too much fun. Sometimes I blog like I nursed a two day old - in clusters. So stay tuned for more posts in the next two days!

I am so excited about today because Holly, Shelly and I have teamed up for a new link-up, Royally Waiting. You can find us here each Wednesday going over all kinds of randomness. We so hope you'll join us and let us know what it is your waiting on, reading about, planning, fixing, working, etc...

Waiting On... Spring Break. The extended weekend gave me a piece of what days without a schedule look like and I loved it. Last year we lucked out and Ryan was able to take the week off, so we tool full advantage of him being with us and headed on a quick little road trip to Arkansas to knock of another state on our list. 

This year he will be at work so we may take the kids on an overnight trip to Galveston and get some more use out of our Moody Gardens seasons pass!

Reading... I'm actually reading three books - WHAT?!?

Rock, Paper, Scissors was written by my friend, Allison. She's local to BCS and while I have known her briefly, I can tell that she has such a beautifully generous heart for Jesus. The book is a collection of personal essays about her story in loving Him. I'm about three chapters in - I have committed to reading this each day in the car rider line instead of playing on my phone.

Each year our church gifts us a book at Christmas and this year we were given Resisting Happiness. It's the age old story of choosing joy and why we, as humans, tend to sabotage this all on our own. I'm only a chapter in but I think I couldn't have picked a better time to remind myself that we create our own joy no matter the circumstance. (Cue Ryan's work).

I mean, a list isn't complete without a romance/suspense/fiction book. The Castaways stays true to Elin Hilderbrand... set on Nantucket and filled with gossip, love and suspense, this will be the book that I pick up when I should focus on those more important two. (#truth) I has hooked in the first sentence and can't wait to see what the fate is between the 6 best-friends left behind after 2 from their group is killed in a boating accident. So far it's Melrose Place at sea...



And if you aren't then we may not be friends for 5 minutes. Seriously, it is soooooooo good! Beautiful, relevant, needed story telling done in such a creative emotional way. Love!!

Listening to...

On repeat. Every single one of us loves this soundtrack. JT did an awesome job and now that we own the dvd, I'm sure we'll be watching it on repeat, too!

Reminiscing About...

This little love muffin.

Which leads me to....

Laughing at....

Myself. Y'all, I did a Friday Favorites post all about how I miss that stage and added the links back to my post BUT I NEVER ADDED MY LINK TO THE LINK UP!! HAHAHAHA And it was darling, too, if I say so myself.

That's about all I've got this week. (Confession: I fell asleep at 9pm last night so I'm scrambling to get this done early on Wednesday!) Can't wait to see what it is each of you are waiting/thinking/doing/.... each week! Be sure to grab our graphic and link back to each of us - looking forward to discovering new blogs along the way!

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  1. Those books look great! I need to add them to my list! Thanks for hosting - what a fun link up!

  2. You are reading three books - at once?! Wha?! :) Please pass along your wisdom. I try, try, try but reading is just not my thing. :/

  3. I too can't wait for Spring Break. As a teacher, I need the break lol. I also want to look into the books you've mentioned. They sound really good!