We just had the best time last weekend hanging out in Ft. Worth - I still can't believe this was my first time at the stock yards. 

I really can't believe that we are all closer to 50 than 20. Y'all. We were JUST kids. How in the world?!?!

Ryan and I had to get up bright and early and leave Ft. Worth to head back to CS for a special event that I will discuss later. I was on day 28.5 of Whole30 and well, call me a quitter all you want... 

Cindy will celebrate her 40th birthday soon and as she reaches this milestone she has been intentional with spending time with women that have influenced her life in some way. Sunday night was my turn for dinner and chatting...

We are never at a loss for words... or fun!

I headed back to Waco bright and early on Monday morning. We decided that the kids could miss school to spend extra time with Owen and we ended up at the Waco Mammoth National Monument. So much fun!

Love spending time with them when we can and totally hate saying goodbye!

Super love this kid!

Monday night I was back at work and not quite ready to let go of this York necklace!

Thursday I was celebrating another day of dry shampoo.... I mean why did it take someone so long to invent this stuff?? And why do I feel such accomplishment and pride by having dirty hair? People are crazy. Me included.

Meanwhile, Emmy's school was celebrating 100 days of learning. She got to dress up, Radley was happy that the didn't have to.

And, as the way it goes around here, Landry wanted to be just like big sister and get dressed up, too. Except she didn't want "old lady hair, Momma"... 

I mean, how cute is our 1st grader celebrating her 101st day of school!?!

That afternoon I got my fan girl moment - Cassy Joy was on campus for a program and book signing. Cindy keeps reminding me that I actually "know" her since she was one of Cindy's student workers and I was a frequent visitor to Cindy's office for Dr Pepper deep work discussions, but still. I love watching Aggies do great things - especially when they are women that are getting things done!

Some days I just want to throw every single toy in the house away...and then they dig out Thomas the train, dinosaurs and Barbie dolls for an epic Jurassic World and three afternoons of playing together.

I've mentioned that I kind of hate how much Ryan travels for his job. The perk is the all access pass to his closet. I bought him this vest for Christmas - just so I could wear it. ;)

The girls had a birthday party on Saturday and they were fierce and fearless at laser tag. I'm not sure that they actually tagged anyone, but they looked cute and had a lot of fun!

And that brings us to this instant - kids napping, house clean, veggies prepped, music playing, and We5Kings ready to tackle the week ahead!

And that's us in an instant!

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