Our week got off to a super start with a Super Bowl viewing party at the Munsons. Josh and Cindy thought it would be fun to add an "educational" component with some "math". Each person got to pick 10 squares and Emmy went home the big winner. Who would have thought that putting your name straight down the last column would pay off ? She landed on "8" for the Falcons and while they didn't end up winning - she did! 

I got some carpool help on Monday with Landry. We were meeting an alternate location so it just made sense to grab her first. She helped me "drive" into the parking lot and was just so happy. Reminded me of sitting in my dad's lap as we "drove" around the neighborhood. I seem to have less room between myself and the steering wheel than he did. Could it be that his legs are about 15 inches longer than mine? 

My TWENTY year high school reunion is this summer. I am clearly doing my best to keep expectations low for everyone. 

We've been having some pretty awesome Texas winter weather around here so a picnic on Tuesday was the perfect treat between dance classes. Also we may have to change Taco Tuesday to Tortellini Tuesday. Our favorite recipe: Bertolli tortellini, pesto, and pepperoni. 

Radley and I are about mid-way through book 6 of Harry Potter. Homework and soccer have slowed down our progress compared to the holidays but we are loving it. This book involves a lot of umm.... kissing.... and this is Radley's face every.single.time. it's mentioned. 

I mean. How cute is this stage?

On Wednesday we got to celebrate these two newlyweds. Lydell joined our staff this fall and she got married on MLK day! This is Kenneth and none of us knew his name because she only calls him "honey" so he is stuck with us calling him "honey" too. :) 

Our staff helped kick off Black History Month with a t-shirt campaign lead by one of our student committees. With each tshirt distributed, people are given a fact about black history so that we have a way to communicate and create dialogue. Black history month began as "Negro History Week" in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson, a noted African American historian, scholar, educator and publisher. It became a month-long celebration in 1976 and the month of February was chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. 

Texas decided to be cool again on Thursday so I grabbed my favorite tunic from Gap (maternity). Y'all. I will never ever ever ever ever get rid of this tunic. I love it so much. And it's perfect with my new favorite scarf. Plus there is so much room in there now without that belly and giant boobs. 

We brought a special treat to two special Aggies later that night. More on that soon.... 

Later that night we made a trip around the world at the kids school. I can't even begin to tell you how fun this was! I'm gonna try in a later post though!

I dropped Radley off at a birthday party on Friday afternoon - they were in for some treats, laser tag and a movie. They were all so dang cute and excited until Kristen asked me to snap a pic of everyone. It was if none of them have ever taken a photo. I mean, look at Radley - who is that kid?!?! 


Ryan made it home early on Friday and took these two on a date. They headed to Freebirds, the toy store and then grabbed Radley before ending with froyo. That meant I was on my own for 2.5 hours of a quiet house. I dined on grilled cheese, caught up on This is Us and started The Good Place. The best Friday night ever. :)

Radley had a soccer tournament this weekend and in between games we did a lot of dishwasher shopping. Well, looking... we didn't actually purchase one. I brought dishes with me to see how they would stack. Y'all - I don't really like any of the options. 

Radley did a pretty amazing job selling the products to everyone via Snapchat - that kid keeps me laughing. They all voted that we should forego the dishwasher and buy a lawnmower. 

We ended Saturday with church and an impromptu dinner at our friends, the Prochazkas. I love that I can text Jen at 6 and say, "What are y'all doing for dinner" and her reply is "I'm at the HEB - want to come over?" Ummmm... yes. We ran home for a quick change and hadn't told the kids where we were going. Radley said, "We're going to the Prochazka's aren't we?" I asked him how he knew... "you always bring wine over there."


They were also pretty excited because we generally stay up late. We left by 10 since he had another game and Emmy had Sunday school. This is how they looked after the 6 minute ride home. 

By Sunday afternoon we all needed some down time. The weather has the kids ready for summer so they decided to empty all of their piggy banks and take an inventory on their "summer fun money". They have decided that they want to buy a lakehouse this year. I think they need approximately 1372 more piggy banks. 

We ended the weekend with a milestone - this girl came home from playing soccer with Ryan and said, "MOM! I TIED MY SHOES!" And then she showed me!! 

And that's us in an instant!

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