Long gone are the days when I carried my camera every where I went documenting each little thing that one of the kids did so I could upload them and then recount the day minute by minute. Now I'm lucky to pull out my phone and snap a pic here and there and this weekend was no exception. Now while I love looking back on those posts filled with 100 pictures of the kids moving the same piece of dirt, I'm just as happy that sometimes I just enjoy the moments as they come. We just had the best weekend with the only negative thing being that it had to end. 

Like most of our Saturdays, we started at the soccer field. Landry and I made an early exit so she could get to Parker's birthday party. This sweet friendship brings the biggest smile to my face - Landry has been loving "Pawka" since they were two. Their teachers would relay to me the latest things they said to each other and they can never leave without giving big hugs. This has now turned into him picking her up and I die. 

We took advantage of the clouds and spent most of the day outside. The Big Event helped get things started last weekend while we were at Paw Print Festival, 10 Aggies were here with Ryan ripping out pitiful shrubs from the front. We have an entire blank slate before us and we are so excited to get to work.

While we were moving dirt, clearing the garden and working up a sweat, Emmy and Landry set up a "store" - please let me know if you need any of these items and I'll make sure you get a fair price.

Hudson joined us for most of the afternoon and since I wouldn't let them sit inside, they brought all their legos to the driveway.

Meanwhile, Emersyn and Landry set up a roly poly habitat. Tiny houses for tiny creepy crawlies.

They are obsessed. So obsessed that I found these homes IN THEIR CLOSET this morning. 


Last spring the FISH execs gifted me with a gift card to Messina Hof complete with a free night of babysitting so I surprised Ryan with a date night! Landry insisted on taking a picture....

We celebrate 18 years of dating this week - 18 years. That is almost half of my life sitting across the table from him. I wouldn't change a thing.

Today we avoided the rain, meal prepped, cleaned and managed to make our way to Lowe's to start buying plants that I will kill by July.

I wish every weekend could be so good!

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