Royally Waiting: Linkup #9

Welcome back Royally Waiting - a place to share a peek into your week and let us all know what you're waiting on! Shelly, Holly and I hope you link up today!

I'm basically waiting on one thing...

April is my BUSY season at work. We (all of Texas A&M) try to shove as much as possible into 30 days. This Saturday is my students' biggest program of the year followed by a week of banquets, awards, celebrations and induction ceremonies. It's fun and exciting and EXHAUSTING! Ha! So, I'm looking forward to May 1 when work slows down a bit. (Although end-of-year school stuff picks up for the kids.) (Enjoy college, kids.) (Last lazy days of your life.) (You only think you're busy now.)

I am just waiting on a slower schedule so I can spend time binge watching some favorites. Ryan and I recently started The West Wing - we will probably finish it in August since we are committed to only watching it together.

I'm also waiting to start 13 Reasons Why - heard so many mixed thoughts on this with the majority feeling that this is an important topic that we should all discuss. Anyone watch yet?

And I honestly can't wait for Jane the Virgin Season 3 to hit Netflix. Have you seen this show?!? Holy cow - so so so so so so good!!!

Any other shows I should add to my list? What are you waiting to watch on Netflix?? 

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  1. I am hoping to read "13 Reasons Why" and then watch the series. I have heard really great things about the series. I am like you, right now I feel like this is one of the busiest times of the year and cannot wait for summer to get here! Thanks for hosting!