Easter Blessings...

Sometimes you just want to go home - Easter has become that holiday for us. The kids and I headed to Waco on Friday afternoon for a whirlwind tour of the mall, HEB and hanging out at Gigi and Pops. Jenni came over on Saturday to take me to a fabulous flea market while the kids drove Pops and Gigi crazy spent quality time with the grands.  As soon as we got back, we had a request for the first confetti egg fight of the weekend.

A. I'm not sure who told them they could grow up so much. Karli will be TEN in May. TEN. 
B. He is so excited about the 1/2 inch he currently has on her.
C. Frousins are the best kind of relatives.

 We parted ways Saturday at lunch - the girls hit up Schmaltz and Target while the boys played four holes of golf. When we all got settled back at the house, it was time to dye some eggs.

The girls kept throwing their eggs in a cup and then would run off to practice their gymnastics/dare devil skills. They have learned how to climb to the top bar, hang do a flip and then let go. I am equally proud and terrified.

Ghosts of Easters past live in that ziplock baggie.

He hates it when I take random pictures of his face. But I want to remember every tiny detail... like that barely there scar that remains from when he fell and scraped his cheek on a door frame, his shaggy hair, those long eyelashes, and brown eyes that make me feel like I'm looking in a mirror. 

I look at him and try to imagine for just one second what the sacrifice God made for us feels like. I can't emotionally or physically take the pain - I can't even fathom what He must have felt knowing that His son was born to die. A painful death to save a bunch of sinners. That would just keep sinning. I look at him and see grace. 

We all voted that this year was the best our eggs have ever looked. Emmy's "King family" egg got voted best in show with it's rainbow hombre effect.

Mom pulled out this darling old table cloth and we both voted that it would make the perfect backdrop for a newborn Easter baby - we also voted that someone else would need to provide said baby.

Early bedtimes on Saturday for some early risers on Sunday! 

Ol EB did not disappoint with swimsuits all around!

Emersyn had an especially hard time decided between two bathing suits this year - but EB (ehm, GiGi) came through and got them their next favorite).

The girls also got matching pjs with their American Girls and Rad lucked up with this awesome game - I may do an entire post on how much fun we had making things up for it!

They all hurried and got dressed so they could find all the treasures that EB had left in the backyard, too!

What do you know... the Tooth Fairy celebrates Easter, too!

I need to confess - I didn't buy the girls new Easter dresses... I KNOW! I love these so much from last summer that I took all the risks and did a repeat. We survived.

Also. I wore pants.

You'd think that was all the fun we can handle for one weekend, but Gigi and Pops had one more surprise left. We stayed up late filling plastic eggs with coins. Each kid got to hunt for an egg of each color/type (I'm not sure why we never thought of this before). 

We had so much fun watching them and instead of fighting over eggs they helped each other find colors. Major wins all around!

Landry even made time to stop and pick some flowers.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend. He is Risen and we are free!

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