Best of besties...

Emersyn had a field trip last week that she could not wait for! They were getting to come to campus to watch a live version of Junie B. Jones. 

Y'all. This girl LOVES her some Junie B. Jones. LOVES. She loves how silly she is. How sassy she is. How she loves school. And talks and walks and just every bit of it. She could hardly wait for the day to arrive and I have to admit, that I was pretty excited, too. Since she was going to be on campus and right next door to my building, I knew I had to do something fun. I sent a text to her bestie's momma and we planned surprise for after the show. 

We picked them up and let them decide where we should go for a quick afternoon treat but not before snapping a quick picture first. Note that she insisted on the star leggings because, "these are TOTALLY something that Junie B. would wear, Momma." 

They picked Sonic which made me so proud because who can turn down an order of cheese sticks and a DP. We did a whole lot of nothing for the next hour and Donna and I just sat and laughed and laughed. Emmy was non-stop talking and I finally looked and Macy and said, "is she EVER quiet?" Macy laughed and said, "No... I just let her talk."

Signs of a true best-friend: ones that love you for you.

One of life's greatest gifts to me has been my friends. I have been blessed to know and love women that have supported me at every single part of my life. Jenni especially has seen and done it all with me, for me, beside me. She loves me not despite my flaws but simply because they are who I am. I pray that all of my kids find a person that loves them, empowers them, and celebrates them. AND that they do all of that in return.

I pray that they have people in their lives that can have hard conversations one minute and then be silly the next. And someone who's always down for a little Sonic happy hour!

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