Here's a glance of our days from my phone's perspective...

Last Sunday we woke up to a kid free house which meant a slow and easy morning. Y'all. I could eat this breakfast every day for all the days of my life.

Chicken Sausage
Roasted bell peppers
Crispy smashed potatoes
Fried eggs


By Sunday evening, we were back in the swing of things and Emmy insisted on making dessert for everyone. Since we are all friends here, I'll share her recipe.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Chocolate Chips
Redi Whip

Not Whole30 compliant.

In case you missed my post on Tuesday, I shared this gem and so many others.

I'm not sure if you all have guessed yet, but I'm a goober. I try to pretend that I have it together but most of the time I'm just winging every single thing in my life. I can't tell you how many pictures like this I send to my friends. This one was sent to Jennifer, a Stella and Dot consultant. I earned that necklace by hosting an online party and by me hosting - I really think Jennifer did all the work so she earned that necklace for me. I wanted her to know I loved it. 

Know what else I love?

Being mistaken for a college kid. 

These sweet 8th graders were doing a scavenger hunt on campus and they needed a picture with a professor or a student. They asked if I was a student - I hugged them and we took a picture anyway.

Ryan ordered me the softest purple cardigan for my birthday in honor of Camp King being purple. (More on all that later - long story for non-Aggies) Well, he ordered it in January and finally arrived in April. I was so excited for a random cool spring morning!

Easter Egg Hunts: A Lesson in Parenting

1st kid: Eggs are purchased, filled with themed goodies and delivered two weeks prior to party
2nd kid: Eggs are reused, filled with goodies and delivered week prior to party
3rd kid: You tell kid to go find eggs, fill with random items like stickers, Valentine's candy and army men and you deliver 1 week after they were due

We love Miss Elizabeth, but Emersyn has been having some hard days lately. Her teeny tiny body is filled with a huge attitude sometimes. What she thinks is "playing" comes across as being rude and disrespectful. We had a long talk about this and she went to writing an apology letter for me to hand deliver. I can't even with the cuteness.

There is a new wine/coffee bar on our side of town that is so fabulous!

We had the best time laughing it up and drinking in the sweetness of friendship!

I heart causal Friday.
And jeans that remind me of college.
And shoes that remind me of Dazed and Confused that reminds me of college.
And shirts that are $4.

My whole outift - Target head to toe.

My momma and I snuck away to one of our favorite spots in Waco on Saturday and couldn't stop laughing at all these signs. We couldn't decide on one... what would you pick?

Also - I will take one of each of these tea towels.

Saturday evening we were treated to a special performance of song and dance by Emmy. Over 30 years of little girls performing under that spotlight on Jason Street... they just keep getting better and better!

We celebrated Easter blessings all weekend long!

And that's us in an instant!

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